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The mobile entertainment content products are digital products that offer you unlimited access upon subscription. Each product is optimised for low data usage and there is a variety of products suitable for your whole family. Once you have subscribed simply click on your unique access link that will be SMS’d to you and visit the portal on any of your devices 24/7.



    Get access to 100’s of exciting mobile games every day for unlimited play! No adverts during game play! Games range from classic arcade and adventure, to strategy, sport and more. New games are added every month for freshness and variety.





    Want tasty recipe videos direct to your phone? Everyday Chef offers a variety of recipes in both video and written format. There are two video categories, and five categories comprising of written recipes: Starters, Mains, Salads, Desserts and Smoothies, which can be broken down further by a variety of sub-categories, such as Lamb or Vegetarian. Everyday Chef also offers general cooking tips and tricks.






    Stay up to date with the latest showbiz news! Get the latest inside scoop on all celebrity news as and when it is happening! Celeb Gossip offers two video categories which cover the most recent celeb gossip round-ups, movie premieres and news, red carpets moments, fashion events, and more! It also offers teasers for local South African soapies, as well as articles covering local celeb news and gossip.






    Get the latest in local and international football news directly on your phone! Total Soccer offers both videos and articles of interviews, match reviews, previews, fixtures and results! It offers statistics about the current football season, including top goal-scorers and league standings. Updated soccer news available directly on your phone!






    Want the latest rugby news straight to your phone? Subscribe now for a round-up of the latest local and international rugby news. Rugby Nation offers breaking and in-depth news articles, as well as match reviews and previews, fixtures and results. During the Super Rugby season there will be live scoring and leaderboards!






    Smash your fitness goals with inspiring workout videos and more! Get access to a wide variety of health and fitness information. Mobi Fit offers different categories of workout videos for men and women, as well as general fitness advice; tips for coping with stress; advise on how to quit smoking; natural health remedies; weight-loss tips, and even downloadable motivational wallpapers.





    Want to provide your child hours of endless entertainment including animated TV shows optimised for low data usage? Cool Kids offers four different animated and kids’ video programs that are both entertaining and educational. It also offers kids’ mobile games, as well as a variety of fairy tales in audio form.






    Get unlimited access to inspiring contemporary gospel music today! Devotion Time also offers access to Daily Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, Daily Christian Prayers, and Quotes about the Gospel, with new content daily. You can also download gospel related Wallpapers and inspiring stickers to use on your phones and social media!






    Get access to puzzle games that are designed to be played over and over again! Puzzle Thinkers offers subscribers stimulating and challenging puzzle games, each time they are played they offer a new challenge. The site offers a variety of number games, such as Sudoku and 2048; as well as word games, such and Hangman, Word Search and many more.






    Keep your social media platforms trending! Subscribe to Social Hub and get unlimited access to fun sticker downloads & trending story clips for your social media accounts.








    Smart Start offers a variety of in-depth, e-learning courses in video form, to teach both informative and practical skills for business as well as everyday life. The topics covered include: Psychology; First Aid; HIV/AIDS; Customer Service; Drugs & Alcohol; Time Management; Communication Skills; Income Tax Returns, and more.







    Fantasy 5 is the best mobile product for the ultimate soccer fan. It is great for the soccer fan on the go – you can access this product on your phone, laptop or tablet. With Fantasy5, you pick your Fantasy Football Team consisting of 5 players. On Premier League match-days, you will win points based on how your Fantasy Team players do in real-life matches. If you score the most points, you can win your share of R3000 in airtime each gameweek. Fantasy 5 also offers the latest EPL news and videos, fixtures and results so you need never miss another soccer update again. Fantasy 5 has live scoring during matches, so you need never miss a minute of the game, plus in-depth statistics on teams, players and matches.