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Our top 5 parenting hacks that will make life easier

Being a parent is no easy task. Between cleaning up messes and dealing with temper tantrums, it’s easy to reach to your wit’s end. Luckily, we have a few hacks that will help you manage your parenting much more efficiently and raise your kids more peacefully.

Easily hide snacks from kids

Stashing junk food away from children can be hard as they seem to spot it from a mile away. The next time you stock up, store your snacks in a nondescript bag or box – such as a laundry detergent tub.

Make cleaning up a timed game

Getting kids to clean up their own mess can be exhausting. Why not gamify it by setting a timer on your phone and see how much they can do within the timeframe?

Establish a ‘family command centre’

Create a designated area in your home where you can keep important information, such as school timetables, letters, extramural activities, to-do lists and chores. This could be in the form of bulletin boards in a communal area like the kitchen.

Use toothpaste to clean permanent marker off wooden furniture

Have the kids been at it again? Don’t fret – you can easily remove permanent-marker scribbles from wooden furniture with solid white toothpaste (just make sure it’s not gel). Squeeze out a generous dollop and use a damp cloth to rub the toothpaste into the wood. If the marker doesn’t completely disappear after the first attempt, simply repeat the process.



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Get perfect baby-sized portions of baby food

Dedicate your Sunday to whipping up a batch of homemade baby food and spooning it into ice trays. After it has frozen, store in clean, airtight, freezer-safe containers.

Use vinegar to treat small burns

It sounds counterintuitive, but vinegar will ease pain and prevent blisters, thanks to the acetic acid present in it. Soak a paper towel in a little bit of vinegar and hold it against the burn until the skin cools down.

Put together a feeding-time activity bag

If you’re parenting more than one small child, things can get tricky. Toddlers often get jealous when the spotlight isn’t on them. Stock a bag with sticker books, colouring books, fun puzzles, modelling clay and finger puppets so they can be busy while you take a much-needed breather to feed your infant.

Use hairspray to remove temporary tattoos

No more scrubbing skin raw! To remove a temporary tattoo, simply spray the tattoo with hairspray before wiping it with a damp cloth. Then give your child’s skin a quick swipe of warm soapy water to take off any hairspray residue that’s still on their skin.

Use a rubber band on door locks

Prevent your kids from locking themselves in the bathroom by looping a rubber band around the door handle, over the lock and around the handle on the other side of the door.


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Make waterproof boots from socks in a pinch

Stepping into puddles in winter can be irresistible for small kids, but dealing with soggy shoes can be a pain. To make a pair of waterproof ‘boots’, slip your child’s shoe into a sock, then use a glue gun to apply a thick coating of glue to the sole of the sock and the sides. Repeat with the other shoe.