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Funny Local TikTokers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Laughter, teasing and memes will always be the way to a South African’s heart. And these funny guys are definitely bringing the jokes.





Honourable members, please make way for Wade. Amassing over 230K followers on TikTok, Wade is popularly known for acting out different scenarios dubbed with audio from parliamentary officials. He has also tapped into his own stories and memories that many South Africans share when they are out partying or at gatherings. Wade creates skits all about living in South Africa, the dating scene, and life on these streets. He recently also made his acting debut on SABC l’s TV series known as uBettina Wethu.





‘One is one even in Hong Kong’ is a small piece of indirect motivation I never thought I’d get from Kheeno’s TikTok page. Kheeno is a semi-professional soccer player, but has become popular through his storytelling and advice videos – while butchering the English language. With an Afrikaans twang, and the mixing of English and South African slang, Kheeno’s videos go from ‘been there, seen that’ to ‘Are You [Redacted]’ in a second.





Famous for his short skits similar to the OG Vines (forever alive in our memory), Liam has nearly 4M TikTok followers. They clearly have a top-tier sense of humour. This entertainer is best known for his videos about what it’s like being in the house with your mom, but he’s recently been making tear-jerking skits of the Wild ‘How To’ suggestions. Wanna know how to stop your mom from beating yo’ a**? Check out Liam’s TikTok.





‘Alright gahz’ is a well-known phrase on Troy’s TikTok page. His most recent obsession is to make uncannily relatable videos about school-life. What teachers are like during exam time, what your friends are like when you need to do an Afrikaans oral. The accent he puts on: no cap. Watching his videos will have you in stitches, but might also have you reminiscing about your personal high school experiences with your friends. Some teachers really just put the ‘high’ in ‘high school’.





This cool globe-trotting, proudly South African comedian and content creator has built quite the cult following over the years… Basically, it all started with his hilarious YouTube videos explaining his weird and wacky Australian trips and adventures to his South African family and friends. Today, Kevin’s most entertaining and viral comical videos can be viewed all over social media as he finds the funny in just about any and everything you could imagine!





If you’re an au pair, or want to be an au pair, Jarryd’s videos will be your go-to guide for cool tips and advice. But other than those relatable videos for all our au pairs out there, he also creates reaction videos to some of the strangest (and most uncomfortable) videos on social media (we’re looking at you, Chads). He has little gems too, like his videos about ‘Derek’, where he uses a dub-sound to create TikToks, which features a funny character that happens to have a rather terrible rap with relationships.





Who’d have thought that the son of a famous Leeds United player would etch his name onto social media? Well, the 21st century did. ‘Primo’ is best known for his skits using dubbed audio on TikTok, often about sibling rivalries, living at home, school life or simply just enjoying life as a young South African. The audio is always from South African videos, series or recordings, and you can even see him strutting his stuff in a durag and pink gown when doing his women characters. He has also made a series of Generations-inspired videos.





The best synonym for ‘Scott’ has to be ‘slay’. This Capetonian is no camera-shy boy; in fact, his videos are usually very sassy and straightforward in the punchlines. He does lots of storytelling about friendships, relationships and more. He posts reaction videos, dancing videos using hilarious sounds, dancing videos where you can’t help but vibe along, and other hilarious skits using TikTok sounds with outlandish captions.





For Lawrence, it’s all about just being himself and reflecting on his past memories and experiences as a queer man in South Africa. He had no idea that this would lead to him becoming one of the funniest TikTokers in the land. Whether he is sharing relatable daily oopsies, relationship advice, taking on new dance challenges, or passing on some wise words for the youth, this guy really knows how to get the giggles going.


Words by Saadiqah Schroeder

Photography: Tee Production, Wm Created, Courtesy Images