You are currently viewing Introducing the Hisense 100-inch L9H Laser TV – Turn your living room into a cinema! 

Introducing the Hisense 100-inch L9H Laser TV – Turn your living room into a cinema! 

The 100L9H is the newest Hisense Laser TV to launch in South Africa and delivers superb image quality, along with a host of premium features.  

The new Hisense 100-inch Trichroma 100L9H Laser TV offers South Africans cinema-level entertainment in their living rooms. Its massive display delivers vibrant colours and sharp 4K visuals, fully immersing you in your favourite movies and series. 

It’s also easy to install in any room in your home, thanks to its compact Ultra Short Throw unit.  

We unpack the key features of the new Hisense 100L9H Laser TV, below.  

Vibrant images 

The headline feature of the 100L9H is its industry-leading Trichroma triple-colour laser light source.  This greatly improves picture quality by delivering impressive colour contrasts and brightness uniformity across your favourite content.  

When combined with the 100L9H’s wide gamut of colours and improvements to Hisense’s ambient light rejection display, it ensures every frame of your favourite movies and series are more immersive than ever before. 

The quality of Hisense’s new Trichroma laser light engine is complemented by the industry’s best visual and audio technologies. 

Dolby Vision ensures better detail for shadows and brighter highlights across all your content, while MEMC Smooth Motion technology improves every moment of the action with microsecond-level processing response times. This means that motion rates are up to 10 times faster than a regular OLED display. 

These technologies combine to deliver a viewing experience unlike any Laser TV to date. 

Easy installation  

The 100L9H leverages Hisense’s iconic Ultra Short Throw technology to allow your Laser TV unit to be positioned extremely close to your display – unlike older technologies like projectors, which must be positioned a significant distance away from a screen to maximise the image quality. 

Furthermore, Hisense’s anti-glare display technology – which reduces glare by up to 85% – allows you to install your 100L9H anywhere in a room without external light impacting your viewing experience. 

To round out the total cinema experience, built-in front-firing 40-watt speakers with Dolby Atmos support deliver powerful audio.   

Once your 100L9H is installed, you will enjoy swift and responsive menu navigation – either using the remote or voice control – courtesy of its VIDAA operating system. VIDAA supports all major streaming apps and platforms, putting the latest content only a click away. 

If you want to turn your living room into a true home cinema, look no further than the Hisense 100-inch Trichroma 100L9H Laser TV.