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Bose Frames Alto

Fancy a slick soundtrack without cramping your style? Then Bose Frames Alto is for you.

These are not the first pair of sunglasses with built-in speakers. They’re not even the second. However, what they bring to the musical party is a higher level of signature Bose audio quality and a more seamless integration into your listening experience. Of course, their looks are also catwalks apart from their chunky and clunky peers thanks to the classic silhouette and the impressive build quality. The open-ear design uses miniaturised Bose speakers, which are precisely positioned to send sound straight to you, and away from everyone else. It pairs easily with your phone, and it has an integrated microphone, so you will be able to hear and talk to whoever is calling you. When it comes to open-ear musical shades and portable music-speaker quality, the Alto is a sure-fire winner.

The one-button control also lets you accept calls, and access digital assistants. The volume is changed through gesture control: Hold the button down and look left or right.

The shades still work perfectly as sunglasses: They cut out 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and offer shatter- and scratch-resistant lenses

3.5 hours playing time, 12 hours standby battery time, 9m Bluetooth range, from R2 980