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Chromecast with Google TV

The revamped Chromecast video streamer dongle is a bit bigger and more expensive than before – but that’s because it does more than it used to. It’s no longer just something you can cast to from your phone. It’s now a fully-fledged smart TV add-on, with Android TV and the new Google TV app that aims to make it easier to find what you want to watch.

Given the best 4K HDR sources to work with, the Chromecast with Google TV turns in an impressive performance. Dolby Vision-assisted images are crisp and detailed, with plenty of dark-tone information available and contrasts handled well. Motion is gripped with authority and edges are drawn cleanly.

The new Chromecast is supplied with a remote control handset that incorporates a mic for use with Google Assistant. But no matter if you’re using Google Assistant voice-control or the handset itself, it’s straightforward to operate.

You can load any number of different apps onto the Google TV home page, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. Apple TV+ isn’t available though.

The smart recommendation system is responsive, and the more you use it, the more genuinely attuned to your tastes it becomes. Thanks to the addition of “…with Google TV”, the latest Chromecast is not only the best yet but it’s one of the very best 4K video streamers around. .

HDMI 2.0, UHD / 4K output, HDR, remote control, R2200