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Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Phone Accessories

Innovative & Sustainable Technology, by Intouch

It’s becoming more and more crucial to care about our plant in the modern era. This doesn’t just apply to your personal choices; it also applies to how tech companies are developing new innovate and sustainable products.

Unbelievably, the year 2022 is almost done. While majority of people spent the past year managing the common difficulties of daily living, creative thinkers among us have continued to fight against the persistent dangers to the sustainability of our plant.

This is why I admire companies like Intouch that go out of their way to better the future of our planet. As a company that looks to the future, Intouch strives to evolve with technology and keep up with its fast pace. At the same time, always keeping in mind their potential impact on the environment.

Intouch innovates to change peoples’ lives for the better. They do this not only through the creation of new and innovative accessories that allow users to better navigate their lives, but by allowing consumers to feel confident and take comfort knowing that their Intouch product is environmentally friendly.

So, if you are in the market for some new Tech, and want to live sustainably, there are several factors to take into account while choosing a phone charger, wearable, or charging cable.

In this article I will highlight a few of the Intouch Eco friendly products in which you can find solid, environmentally friendly purchases where you would otherwise get a product that isn’t particularly environmentally friendly.

You’ll find products like the Intouch Recycled Plastic Cables that I can highly recommend.

INTOUCH Recycled Plastic Cables
We all know what plastic pollution is doing to our oceans, right? This was the inspiration behind this fantastic product range by Intouch.

Their Recycled Plastic Cables are a revolutionary product, a first for South Africa market. To add to their credibility, these phenomenal cables have been certified by the Global Recycled Standards.

By collecting all types of ocean plastic waste like ghost fishing nets and recycling them into new products, we can end this vicious cycle and help preserve the marine flora and fauna with safe and healthy oceans.

This Range includes 2 cables, a ISO Lightning to Type C (MFi Certified) and a Type C to Type C Cable. With Super-Fast Charging capabilities (PD Charging, up to 60W) and Ultra Resistant braided recycled plastic textile sleeve, this range is a no brainer.

INTOUCH Biodegradable Range
Not only has Intouch moved away from using any plastic on their packaging, but their new Biodegradable Range is made from Wheat Straw – and it’s a game changer by the way.

This remarkable range includes 2 cables (ISO Lightning to Type C and Type C to Type C), Car Charger and Home Charger.  With Safety features to prevent overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting and Super-Fast Charging capabilities, this range is an absolute must.

It’s clear why Intouch is fast becoming one of the leading accessory brands in the South African market. Now available in all leading MTN, Vodacom, 4U, Cellucity and Chatz retailers. Now I’m just hoping we see more brands and companies follow in their footsteps. Shop consciously and support the brands making the effort to go green.

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Words and design by Justin Conradie

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