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Huawei Watch GT2e review

While all the watches in Huawei’s range have a comprehensive suite of health-focused apps, the Huawei Watch GT2e is specially designed for more intensive activities. This includes a very wide range of sports, from running, cycling and swimming to martial arts and skateboarding. It uses some combination of its many sensors to measure around 100 different activities.

Its body is a light but rugged plastic and the two side buttons sit almost flush with the body so can bend your wrists backward without accidentally depressing them. It’s waterproof, obviously, and it performs all the regular tracker functions, including a fairly sophisticated sleep and stress data.

There’s 4 GB of memory for storing hundreds of songs to play on your Bluetooth buds. The supporting phone app has improved considerably over time and we also enjoyed the dozens of available watch faces.

It’s quite a well-rounded, good-looking package but it has a two specific features that give it a solid lead over all competitors: extraordinary battery life of well over a week, and a fantastically low price for a full-featured GPS-enabled tracker.

Step/heart/sleep, waterproof, GPS, 14 day battery, R3500


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