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The world’s greatest detective partners with Police for the launch of THE BATMAN collection – a Limited-Edition set embodying the true spirit of Gotham’s vigilante, ahead of the DC Superhero’s upcoming feature film.


A collection of four unique watches with only 10,000 pieces produced globally, the timepieces are inspired by the elements of the all-new film, THE BATMAN, and artfully represent various entities found in the movie: Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, the masked vigilante known as THE BATMAN; the enigmatic new rising persona, Vengeance; The crime-ridden Gotham City; and Batman’s mysterious new acquaintance, Catwoman.

The Police x THE BATMAN timepiece collection is a meticulous amalgamation of distinguished fashion and Police design language. Weaving together a strong and dark ensemble inspired by some of DC’s fan favorites, the collection delivers a powerful style statement, which will appeal to horologe lovers and DC aficionados alike.

All designs within the limited-edition watch collection come in a specially designed box with a half Batwing embossed on the black outer sleeve.

The case inside, housing the timepiece, is a carbon fibre 3D half Batwing, which, upon sliding out, completes the full Batwing design. That’s not all, the case opens to become a full-fledged, freestanding Batwing complete with the Police x THE BATMAN logo and a Batsuit-inspired texture. Every box comes with a Green Letter envelope – the perfect nod to one used in the movie. The envelope holds the letter of authenticity and stills from the film.


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