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The Benefits Of High-Pressure Showers

Being under a lot of pressure is not ideal – except in your shower


After a long day of work, meetings, social gatherings or just life in general, coming home to a nice, hot shower is a much-needed stress reliever. But a shower that has a low pressure system just doesn’t cut it. Here’s why high-pressure showers are not only amazing, but really good for you, too. 


Saves Water
Water conservation and being eco-conscious are extremely important. Many of us think that a low-pressure system will help with this, but it could make things worse. High-pressure showers allow you to have a quicker shower without feeling as if you aren’t sufficiently cleaned. Since there’s more water cascading down at a rapid rate, you can shower faster and more efficiently. Plus, new water-saving technology has produced high-pressure showers that also save water without having to skimp on pressure. These showers have smaller openings, pump air out with water and in turn adds to the pressure. The water flow covers more area and is dispersed at a better rate. Even then, it’s still a good idea to catch any run-off water and use it in the garden too. 


Relieves Tension
Who said that showering was only for cleaning? As much as a hot bath with fragrant oils help relieve stress, your shower can too. Not only do high-pressure showers give your skin extra glow through exfoliation, but it’s great for those who enjoy the sensation of having weight on them (think weighted blankets, for example). The high torrents of water can help the muscles to relax, relieving any tension you may have in your neck and shoulders – similar to the lovely feeling that a massage jet in a tub might give.


So Many Choices
Online images of rain showers with cascading water from every direction is an absolute dream. With high-pressure showers, there is the blessing of different spray settings too: full body, mist, pulse massage, rain showers and more. The different spray settings allow you to suit your shower to your needs and are versatile. Whether it’s wanting to maximise your shower’s spray coverage, have a relaxing massage or a shower that will feel like you’re under a mystical waterfall, the options available to you make room for it. 


Words by Saadiqah Schroeder
Photography: Unsplash

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