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Call it cluttercore: Where sentimentality and ordered chaos meet 

It started out on TikTok and it’s now in homes around the world. Introducing the trend that embraces abundance, imperfection and – let’s face it – a little bit of mess. It’s where sentimentality and ordered chaos meet… and, done properly, we love it! 

Cluttercore, the rebellious renegade of interior design trends, gives a cheeky nod to the chaos that tends to thrive within our living spaces. It’s like throwing a party for your sentimental collections and letting them run amok in a delightful mess that defies convention.  

Forget about Zen minimalism or even some pristine orderliness; cluttercore understands that each item has its own captivating tale to spin, transforming your space into an intentional mishmash of character. This whimsical aesthetic wraps you in a warm embrace, as if to say: Come on in, kick o your shoes and let’s revel in the beautifully disordered symphony of life.  

To master this enchanting look, you must dance that fi ne line between pandemonium and harmony, crafting a space that not only reflects your personality and passions but also declares, “Hey, this is who I am – take it or leave it!” So bid farewell to the dogma of tidiness, my friend, and join the cluttercore crusade to prove that beauty lies beyond the bounds of an immaculate home. 

Curate your clutter  

Don’t fill your space aimlessly in pursuit of the cluttercore aesthetic – random clutter is just clutter, and visually confusing. Cluttercore thrives on sentimentality, so rather collect and showcase items that hold deep meaning, evoking joy and comfort in your surroundings.   

Let your space tell a story of curious collections, family heirlooms as well as travel mementos, rather than drowning it in purposeless chaos – there has to be a method to the madness.  

Old and new  

Blending the past with the present is like choreographing a beautiful dance within a room, especially if you’re aiming for an eclectic vibe. Take a moment to study each item on its own before introducing it to potential partners. Seek those magical combinations that let each piece’s distinct charm take centre stage, ensuring that they’re all appreciated in their full glory.  

Embrace the enchanting collision of vintage and modern, creating a space that’s both intriguing and steeped in nostalgia. Let furniture and materials from different eras come together in perfect harmony, revelling in their delightful contrasts: picture a sleek silk cushion finding solace on a weathered chair. It’s a match made in interior design heaven. 

Combine and contrast  

Who needs matchy-matchy uniformity when you can shake things up and make a room come alive? Steer clear of identical sizes and shapes. Instead, embrace the playful medley of different forms, dimensions and quantities.   

This rule applies especially to the thrilling world of bold prints and textures. Give each of your pieces its own unique little twist, creating a symphony of layers that sets the room free. Even with clashing items, you can still achieve a sense of balance. 

Mix the shine of polished metal with the raw allure of ceramics, or let knitted wool cosy up to sumptuous velvet. It’s a visual adventure that keeps things intriguing. And don’t forget about colour: seek harmony in your palette by pairing neutral tones with a touch of chaos in the form of wild patterns, or go bold with vibrant hues tempered by a softer print. If everything in a room matches too perfectly, it’ll become a monotonous blur. 

Catch your breath  

To keep your home from turning into an optical circus, it’s crucial to confine this aesthetic to a specific room. Keep scale in mind and provide some eye-pleasing pit stops (for a quick breather) amidst your decor extravaganza.  

The secret lies in the art of layering and occasionally embracing the power of nothingness. Here’s a nifty recipe: put up one grand masterpiece (a gallery wall or painting), plop a medium-sized gem right in front of it (a decorative sideboard or vintage couch) and top it o with a teensy adornment like a charming plant or quirky antique object. And voilà – you’ve created a visual oasis! 


Words by: Chandré Emma Kippie
Photographs: Getty Images, Shutterstock,, Bureaux. Prices Correct At Time Of Print.  

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