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How to create a captivating floral centrepiece 

Fill your vases with the perfect flower arrangements that will wow your guests. 

This season is a height for gorgeous blooms. That means it’s the perfect time to channel your inner florist. Follow our simple guide, add a dash of your creative flair and wow your guests with magnificent arrangements!  


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Pick the perfect vessel 

It’s important to choose a vase or pot that has a mouth that is wide enough for your blooms not to be squashed together. If you don’t have any vases, you can get creative with ceramic jugs, glass jars or even those chipped mugs that no longer get used! It’s also good to not use a vessel that competes visually with your arrangement. Avoid too many patterns or glittery elements. After all, you want people to notice the stunning flowers.   


The right height for the right setting 

Before putting together your arrangement, think about its location. Will it be used as a centrepiece on your dinner table or in a foyer? If it’s going to be a table centrepiece in a space with guests, it’s important that it’s not obstructing anyone’s view. You want to be able to talk to your guests without pulling a muscle!  

You can cut the stems shorter, use a wider vessel or use fewer flowers in your arrangement. If it’s a decorative piece for a space that is transitionary, you can achieve a greater visual impact on passersby. The bigger, the better! 

Use greenery as your base 

Greenery can provide a good base and filler for your blooms within the vessel and can change how your flowers stand out or blend into your bouquet.  Using at least three types of green foliage adds visual depth and texture, making them an important component to consider beside your showstopping flowers! 

Photography: Pexels