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Incorporate red in your home décor with style 

No need to go fire-engine red everywhere. Ingrid Corbett shows us how you can use this powerful shade to ignite your home as an accent.

Hands down one of the most vibrant and ardent colours, red brings energy to any interior space. It can help create different moods and totally transform a room in several ways – whether you paint a feature wall or reupholster a comfy chair. Here’s everything you need to know… 

All welcome  

A red front door has historically been linked to making people feel ‘invited’. During the American Civil War, most travellers would know that they could find a place to rest behind a red door. Paint your door red and get ready to host an open house that welcomes friends and family. 


In moderation, primary reds are best suited for children’s rooms and family spaces, while the much darker, more sophisticated tones can add a sense of drama to an entrance hall or dining room. Red is also an excellent choice for the kitchen, as it’s believed to stimulate the appetite.  

If you’re not sure how much to use in a space, introduce just one striking red element at a time. Play around with contrasting colours, such as red and blue, and don’t be afraid to combine patterns and textures. 

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Natural reds  

If you’ve got green fingers, consider planting red blooms such as azaleas, geraniums, pincushions or gazanias.

After all, when it comes to colour combinations, surely nature knows best? Find red furniture that could work both inside and outside your home, since the green foliage will naturally complement it.  

For example, a red outdoor dining set will look splendid amongst trimmed hedges and creepers. Cover an old table in waterproof paint and add some plastic chairs for a bright outdoor look that you can enjoy all year-round. 

Paint job  

Spray-painting a vintage chair in a bold shade of red is a fun weekend project. Once the paint is dry, move the chair around the house until you find the perfect spot for it. Opt for a matte finish, which will not only look sophisticated but will also be a whole lot easier to maintain. 

Wall art  

Wallpaper is an easy way to add a pretty, eye-catching pattern to a space in fiery red or cherry tones. If you’re wary of covering an entire room in a busy print, try a feature wall in your lounge or bedroom. 

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Layers of love  

If solid, bold colours appeal to you, layer different shades of red in striking accent items and decorations. Then, add some texture and visual interest with items in greys or greens. 

Play around with contrasting colours, such as red and blue, and don’t be afraid to combine patterns and textures. 


Words By: Ingrid Corbett
Photographs: Future Content Hub 

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