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Look expensive, feel great in sports-Luxe

While the sports-luxe trend emerged a few years ago, it hasn’t really gone away. This year, however, the look has evolved. Naturally, it includes athletic-inspired pieces but there’s now a much bigger focus on the luxe element. Fabrics have gotten much fancier, cuts are sleeker-looking, and items have been embellished with things such as sequins and studs. Now, when you pick up a pair of ‘new look’ sports-luxe sweatpants, chances are they really won’t be the kind of thing you could also wear to the gym. 


Why we love it

New sports-luxe clothing certainly has a far more sophisticated look, but they still remain comfortable. A hoodie made from cashmere is still a hoodie. Sneakers sporting rhinestones are still sneakers. Also, because the emphasis is now very much on the ‘luxe’ aspect, you can have a lot of fun with the look. Just because you’re in sweatpants doesn’t mean you can’t add stilettoes or a bold red lip. 


How to wear it 

The new sports-luxe look isn’t as simple as mixing your existing gym wear with something smart – your trusty yoga pants probably won’t have that new-feeling luxurious element to them. You’ll need to invest in new pieces, then strike a balance between sporty and sophisticated. For example, if you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms, ensure they’re tailored or made from
a luxe material with a satin finish. Don’t wear a hoodie too. Opt for something unexpected such as a leather jacket or tailored blazer. 



Photography: Unsplash 

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