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5 local artists that have us obsessed

The South African identity is captured in the work of these uniquely talented local artists.


Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Armed with a background in fine art and photography, Uppington-raised Gabrielle Kannemeyer has a unique eye for intricate layers of colours and textures. Paired with her seemingly effortless styling and keen focus on urban youth culture, this visual artist is a force to be reckoned with.


Karabo Poppy

Born in Vereeniging (a small mining town in South Africa), defiant, energetic, multiple-award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, street artist and founder of Mother Tongue – CreativeHouse – these are just some of the words one could use to describe Karabo Poppy Moletsane. Stimulated by the beauty of both the contemporary and traditional African identity, which she believes is embedded in every African, Karabo sets out to conserve and memorialise the deeply rooted, rich African heritage within her work.



Trevor Stuurman

Have you ever dreamt of collaborating with artists such as Ciara or The Carters – Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Or maybe becoming a brand ambassador for Mini, all while being a British Vogue contributor? Well, Kimberley-born Trevor Stuurman is all those things. He’s established himself as one of South Africa’s most sought-after visual artists. With a belief that, ‘Being African is his superpower,’ he seeks to capture the allure of that which reminds him of his roots – ‘a place that is imbued with colour, love and belonging that reflects Africa.’



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Duma Mtimkuulu

For Pretoria-based artist Duma Mtimkulu crafting in clay is more than simply making an object that sits idle on your mantel. It is an organic material that’s ever-evolving, filled with emotions and thoughts, questions, perceptions and observations centred around the inner workings of society. ‘I appreciate the chance to get lost in the process and be deliberate in what I am doing,’ he says. Duma finds it difficult to stick to a single clay form and prefers to explore varying clay varieties as a means to challenge himself. And though he embraces the ‘death of the author principle’, he would like his audience to see the honesty he attempts to convey in his work.



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Imprint – initially established in 2011 under the name Swagger Diariez – is a soulful marriage of colour, print, and cut, that once stemmed from the family home of founder and creative director Mzukisi Mbane in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. At its core, the brand craftily embodies South African streetwear, glamour, and vintage influences, yet is still heavily laced with the rich tales of African ancestry. Stitched into every seam is the brand’s singular ethos, ‘leave a mark,’ – a lasting impression that is imprinted on everyone that happens to come across the luxury African brand.


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Words: Dylon Phillips | Photography: Courtesy Images