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Ashley Graham celebrates news of twins

In an intimate video on Instagram, model Ashley Graham has revealed that she and husband Justin Ervin are expecting twins.


The video begins with the pair gushing over two pregnancy tests as it reveals that Ashley is pregnant. ‘There it is,’ exclaims Justin. ‘I guess two confirmed tests mean(s) that I am pregnant,’ says Ashley in a mixture of joy and surprise.


The following clip shows the two at an ultrasound appointment where she asks, ‘Is that twins?’. To which the technician responds, ‘Yeah’. Letting out a little scream, Ashley then proceeds to enquire about the gender of her babies only to discover that she is expecting two boys. Upon learning the news she turns to the technician and and says, ‘Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?’. A voice in the background, which we assume to be her husband, can be heard saying, ‘You’re kidding me!’


Ashley gave birth to her first baby boy Issac last year in January 2020. That’s right, it seems the gorgeous couple have been blessed with a little brood of boys, and we couldn’t be happier for their growing family. Congratulations to Ashley and Justin for their extremely happy news, and congrats to Issac for becoming a big brother to not just one but two little boys.



Photography: @ashleygraham on Instagram