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Get To Know Blood & Water Star Dillon Windvogel

Taking a quick break from filming, Dillon Windvogel fills the ClubX team in on his recent success


Born and raised in Belhar, Cape Town, Dillon is the middle child of three siblings and has always been encouraged by his family to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. ‘Some of my biggest mentors growing up were those that helped me discover performance as my passion,’ he says. ‘People like my father David Windvogel, and my Belhar High School Drama teacher, Mrs Japhta.’ Dillon also praises his dance teachers who introduced him to a different type of art and performance. ‘They taught me so, so, so much and I am eternally thankful for them.’ From accidentally learning ballet to starring in school musicals, it became quite clear to Dillon that he needed to become a performer. ‘I saw that there were [many different] ways to put a smile on someone’s face than just through dance. That’s how I fell in love with acting,’ he explains. ‘I enjoyed playing a role completely different from myself, bringing life to words on a page.’

Fresh out of matric, Dillon got his first professional acting job as Ashwin Bruinders in danZ!. And it was on the set of this series that he learnt the biggest lesson of his career. Nervous and wanting to do a great job, Dillon would attempt to drill lines into his memory, verbatim. Euodia Samson, actress and TV personality, then took Dillon under her wing, showing him what it meant to be a versatile actor and to embody a character. ‘From that day on, I learnt my lines differently, aiming to learn the story, not the lines.’ His amazing work ethic and hunger to learn and hone his craft have taken Dillon to great heights in the South African entertainment industry thus far. That’s why it is no surprise that fans keep coming back to see him in Blood & Water.

‘I really enjoy playing Wade Daniels. It’s honestly so much fun,’ says Dillon. ‘Myself and Wade are very alike, so it’s like I get to play me.’ As he continues, Dillon does, however, come across some differences. ‘The biggest difference is Wade’s bravery at such a young age. He was brave enough to go for his crush in his own quirky way, whereas I would never. I’m way too shy!’ The series has achieved massive success both locally and internationally, and Dillon cherishes the memories it has brought him. ‘It’s been an absolute honour to have worked with everyone; from the cast, to the crew, to the production  companies,’ he says. And we’re loving the camaraderie going on with the cast, especially – cut to Dillon and Mekaila Mathys’s recent viral TikTok dance video (a must-watch!). While a season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, we’ve heard the rumours and hope to see Dillon back in action on Blood & Water soon…

Whether he’s dancing online or filming Wade’s next big scene, Dillon Windvogel has definitely made a name for himself in the industry, and hopes to someday leave behind a positive and inspiring legacy for generations to come. ‘I believe life is a blessing; a gift from God. My aim is to always live it to the fullest – and you should to.


Words by Charndré Emma Kippie
Photography: Gareth Van Nelson/

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