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Our Heritage: in celebration of Heritage Day

To celebrate our diversity and our love for our country,  we sat down (virtually) with three proudly South African influencers. Let’s jump right in:



Resilience is her middle name! She is Zinhle Machokie Nkabinde, @machokie, from Durban, Pinetown. Described as an enthusiastic lover of sophistication, glam, travel; and a goal-driven lady who is a ‘GO GETTER’. Zinhle believes that with persistence and faith, nothing is out of her reach and a look at her career would prove just that!

Hello! What is your Heritage and what does it mean to you? And how would you describe your cultural identity and what about it makes you proud?

Hey, lovies! My heritage is my roots, an inherited sense of family character: the values, conventions, culture, and artefacts given down by past eras. It is what I’ve ingested through my life as I’ve observed and encountered things that make my family special.

I come from the famous ‘rainbowed nation’ South Africa that is made of diverse cultures and religions and I proudly belong in the Zulu culture. I am proud to say that I am South African because of its title that captures its diversity. It enforces the freedom and appreciation of the culture that has helped me learn to interact with others, building bridges of trust, respect and understanding cross-culturally.


Do you have any top braai tips or hacks that you have learned from your family or in general?

Yes of course I have learnt a few tips and hacks for braai days! I mean what is a South African family gathering without a braai?

TIP ONE: If your braai grid still has some residue of juices from the last time you had a braai, simply cut a lemon or onion in half, and rub it off the grill to clean it.

TIP TWO: Always place a few strigs of thyme, rosemary and any other fresh herbs on the grill and place the meat on top of the herbs to bring out the wonderful flavour. YES! Even on the famous lamb chops.

TIP THREE: To avoid the meat from sticking to the grid, dip a paper towel in olive oil and rub it over the grid just before placing the meat on the braai stand.


What are your favourite South African destination and South African food and why?

Cape Town has to be my favourite! I love the views from the harbour, white sand beaches and the shopping centres, it’s a tourist’s playground and definitely ideal for taking glam pictures. As for my favourite South Africa food! ‘Usu’ African Beef Tripe has to be my favourite, I could eat this at any time of any day because it really makes my taste buds dance, especially when I add chillies!


What makes you a proud South African?

The fact that we as people of South Africa recognize the injustices of our past and we were able to pick up and dust off our nation instead of looking backwards. We became united in diversity, honouring those who fought, suffered for justice and freedom in our country. We recognize the good in our fellow countrymen and we are focusing on the growth and development of our rainbow nation. We still have a lot of work yes, however the bad outweighs the bad, and I really love that for us.



Born and raised in Western Cape, Paarl and currently living in Cape Town, Ashley William Robinson, @ashwillrob, is a well-known athlete who is always looking for a challenge to champion. His hobbies consist of working, training and growing alongside his beautiful girlfriend.


What does Heritage Day mean to you?

Heritage Day (or Braai day) is a day that is completely South African. A time where all of us South Africans can come together and have a good time. This day is meaningful because it encourages us to celebrate all of our different cultures and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.


Do you have any top braai tips or hacks that you have learned from your family or in general?

To steam the chicken or boil it in a pot first!


What is your favourite South African destination and South African food and why?

Definitely Cape Town! From the heights of Table Mountain to the dramatic stretches of coastline, to its world-famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Green Point Park. There are just so many wonderful natural blessings to witness and enjoy! In terms of food, for us as brown people, we enjoy a good braai with wine. Indonesian food also has a special place in my heart as there are so many different flavours attached. I also like all things nutritional.


What makes you proudly South African?

I’m proud to be South African because of the diversity in our heritages. We are home to many different people with their own heritages and various types of lifestyles spread throughout the country, making the heritage of South Africa as a whole one of a kind. We also have beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife all over our country, making all 9 of our provinces unique and beautiful.




From Pretoria, Chantay, also known as Boskind, Hooligan, klientjie or Tay, has always had a passion and curiosity for the unknown. After travelling to only a few different countries, she realised what a magnificent country our home is, and started exploring even more of South Africa. Using her online platform, @taytaystravels, she shares these brilliant experiences uses them to inspire others to explore South Africa as well.  Her ultimate goal is to travel even more and to share a broader range of experiences that inspires others!


What is your Heritage and what does it mean to you? How would you describe your cultural identity/ethnicity and what about it makes you proud?

I am an Afrikaner. I’m not too familiar with the history of my family tree/ethnicity as I’ve been told that I look Portuguese/Greek. To me, Heritage is the culture, morals and values that I have inherited. I feel extremely lucky that I was raised to be humble. I was shown through love that we are all equal. My mother always said to me ‘even the queen of England has to use the toilet.’ I take that to heart with how I treat people, I have love and empathy for everyone.


Do you have any top braai tips or hacks that you have learned from your family or in general?

Yes! Anyone that knows me, knows that I really enjoy a braai and a big fire. My father taught me how to braai, but the one unique thing we sometimes braai is a snoek. Take a few sheets of foil, place the snoek on top and pour a whole bottle of honey mustard salad dressing over. Leave the top open and let the snoek just simmer in that sauce until it’s ready. You will be surprised by how good it tastes.


What is your favourite South African destination and South African food and why?

I find this question so hard to answer seeing that we have so many different landscapes and beauty. If I had to choose it would be Mpumalanga with all of its beautiful green mountains and waterfalls, especially Blyde River Canyon. My favourite food is definitely a crispy lamb chop straight from the braai.


What makes you a proud South African?

Our Resilience, our unique culture and humour that only we understand. The fact that all cultures use the word ‘shap’ and ‘lekker”. Most of all, our picturesque Nature and Wildlife. I really feel we have one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. I am extremely proud to be part of this culture.


Words: Thuveshnie Govender | Photography: Courtesy Images