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The evolution of Kyle Clark

Not many can say that they boast a dynamic and highly impressive resume like entrepreneur, TV host, radio presenter and actor Kyle Clark.

His captivating on-screen presence is best described as ‘authentic’. And he is best known for his multi-talented performances in Vodacom’s No 1 Leading TV Commercial, DSTV Telenovela’s and Radio & Field Presenter for 947 (to name a few), but it’s his latest career venture that has people talking – and for all the right reasons! A brand new podcast tackling the important topic of mental health.

He serves as a beacon of hope for the generation of the future, but there is more to Kyle Clark than meets the eye, and we have all the inside info.



Who is Kyle when he is away from the lights, cameras and action?

I’m quite the homebody. But if I’m not at home, you’ll find me out doing something that stimulates me mentally and physically. I love reading and enjoy in-depth conversations about issues that matter. I hate being unproductive, I believe time is crucial. I am daring and I seek constant thrill. Away from the camera, I am constantly challenging myself to be better. My journey of self-discovery is important to me and how I influence people matters to me. I’m a lover of beautiful cultivated relationships and I am a natural caregiver.


Where is your favourite Sunday go-to lunch spot or somewhere you like going to hang out?

On a Sunday you will find me cooking up a storm. It’s a family tradition and also my only cheat day. You could also find me exploring a hiking trail. Since the pandemic started, we found value in spending time together in nature. Now we go hiking once a week.


Kyle Clark



What has been the most challenging decision in your career thus far?

I believe that trusting in myself and writing my own destiny has been the most difficult decision to make in my career, sometimes we are put into positions where we feel like we need to be discovered or wait around for some talent manager to recognise us. That is the moment you take a pen and write your own destiny. That’s when everything truly unfolds for you. It’s a huge change and shift in perspective and destiny.


You’re known to be outspoken and always use your voice for a good cause. Why is this important to you?

It’s my responsibility. When you’re given a platform it’s your responsibility to be the bearer of the change you want to see in the world. I also asked for this platform and I always knew that if it was given to me, it came with a lot of responsibility and ownership.


How do you remain humble and grounded in an industry that is so publicised?

Remembering why you started always humbles me. It was never for the fame or fortune. As I slowly transition into a different version of myself, I started realising the type of ‘influential person’ I have wanted to become. It is more now to be of service to others than to be recognised for me shaking my butt in a club or being naturally gifted. Being a role model is how I aspire to uplift people.


What is one personal characteristic that you have that you wish more people knew about?

I am a proud EMPATH. I always put myself in someone else’s shoes before I make a move, I am continuously thinking about how something would make someone feel first before I react. Even if that means I suffer at the end of it. I am considerate and conscious and I believe that’s the only way to connect with humans beings.


What do you dislike most about being in the public eye?

A lot of my followers believe they are entitled to my life and the choices I make. If I buy a certain pair of shoes or a certain piece of clothing, they believe their opinion would change my buy. Sometimes it’s just pure hate, nothing more than just anger directed towards you. The only thing I hate the most about being in the public eye is that I have to almost always swallow my tongue.


Kyle Clark



Tell us more about your business David Clark – just one of your many businesses?

David Clark has been coming  along for a very long time. I wasn’t quite sure how to conceptually put it together, however, I knew I had a passion for events and weddings and luxury moments. I had worked in hospitality for 6 years, and internationally I was an integral part in planning and helping put together events for very wealthy country clubs all over The United States – from golf days, casino nights, luxury dinners, weddings the works. Furthermore, I went on to get a distinction in events management through Eventrix in New York. I always had a knack for making people feel a certain way as they walked through the room to an event. I loved every detail and I absolutely loved watching people enjoy themselves at something that I put together. It was beautiful to watch.


You boast a diverse personal brand – why is it important to open oneself to multiple avenues and angles?

I think life is short, and I don’t want to leave this world with regrets. If I find I am particularly good at a certain skill within my life I do everything I can to find a way to monetise it,  and also search for a way to grow within it. There is such beautiful wisdom in each characteristic and gift that you bear, and essentially those gifts are there to help you navigate and teach you life lessons.


An events company established and created by David’s two leading business partners – what makes your services unique?

We are exquisite. Our services are unique purely because we have something that not many planners do. We have vision. We are dreamers. It’s about making a vision come to life. When someone walks into David Clark, they don’t walk into an events company, they walk into a meeting room with two business partners that will make you feel like it’s their event as much as it is yours.


Kyle Clark



How would you define your style?

Original, aesthetically pleasing, forward, unique and purely trend-worthy.


What is the best item of clothing you own?

This is a tough one. I would have to say my favourite item in my closet at the moment is my Zara leather jacket. You will find me in that jacket almost 4 times a week – I wear it a little too often.


Who is your style icon and why?

Right now, Rich Mnisi. He is tall and vivacious. His style aesthetic is everything I aspire to look like. Very simple but so loud.


If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe for a day, who would it be and why?

I would again raid Rich Mnisi’s closet, I know he has everything I want. Plus, we are the same size in height and I am almost sure we are the same size in other clothing too.


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