You are currently viewing TikTok’s finest – SA edition

TikTok’s finest – SA edition

Celebrating some of South Africa’s favourite TikTok stars!  

And the award goes to… Seven of the most noteworthy local online personalities, in various spheres of the TikTok Universe 

Levi Gabriel Green 

Popularly known as Foster Kid, Levi is hilarious without even trying. This 19-year-old is living it up on TikTok. With moves, plugs, reviews, stories and personality, his content will keep you hooked.  


@foster_kid0 Whole time you can buy 10 things with that R1 🥺🤣🤣🤣#foster_kid0 ♬ Xigubu – Dj Ganyani

He’s got his sights set on becoming an actor, and while he’s chasing that dream, he’s garnered an audience of 655,7K followers. When the trolls and haters come for him, his comeback is effortlessly funny (and true): “You jealous.” 

Keep up with Levi  

Instagram: @leviggreen 
TikTok: @foster_kid0 
YouTube: Levi Green 

The Popi Show  

Ten countries, six months, one adventurous woman…. Strap in because Popi is going on a road trip to Ghana and beyond. She’s an emerging sensation who’s warming the hearts of South Africans with her authentic and immersive content.  

Popi Sibiya takes us along as she ‘carpe diems’ all over Africa. And true to her handle, watching her travel content does feel like you’re watching a show that serves up African adventure in a way you’ve never seen before. 


@popi_sibiya How to become a Travel Vlogger #roadtripfromsouthafricatoghana #fypシ #SAMA28 #southafricatiktok #greenscreen ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Keep up with Popi  

Instagram: @popi_sibiya 
TikTok: @popi_sibiya 

Crystal Greeff – Katsini  

“The lady with a bendy face” is her bio and she’s not capping. Crystal is the undisputed champion of comical facial antics, specialising in hysterical expressions, show-stopping eyebrow choreography, eyepopping contortions and a nose that can wiggle.  


@crystal.g.katsini Remaking my most viral video #itried #scoobydoopapa #fyp #fun #viral ♬ Scooby Doo Pa Pa – DJ Kass

Whether she’s hilariously impersonating your favourite Friends characters or delivering lip-sync performances that defy logic, Crystal is the reigning queen of memes (and a make-up pro). round up  

Keep up with Crystal  

Instagram: @Crystal N. Greeff-Katsin
Facebook: crystal_g.katsini 
TikTok: @crystal.g.katsini 
YouTube: Crystal Greef-Katsini 

Bontle Moloi 

May the fun and joy of her dance moves locate you as they located Kelly Rowland when she visited South Africa. Bontle delights her 1.2 million followers with killer dance moves and charisma.   


@bontle_ba_afrikaBirthday vibes with le Ntja’ka 🫶🏾

♬ Dalie (feat. Baby S.O.N) – Kamo Mphela & Tyler ICU & Khalil Harrison

Her ability to swiftly move between different disciplines has allowed her to work with some of the largest brands in the world while also keeping her audience entertained!  

Keep up with Bontle  

Instagram: @Bontle.modiselle 
TikTok: @bontle_ba_afrika 

Justin De Nobrega  

“That white boy that dances” is a boy a er our own hearts! Justin has wowed many TikTok users with his mesmerising moves and charisma. Many remember him from the lockdown days when he created the #whenpeoplezol dance challenge to Max Hurrell’s satirical song.   


@justindenobregaa Its time to shine boys! 💚🏉 #dance #fyp #amapiano #rugby #rugbysa #rugbyworldcup ♬ original sound – Amapiano_Lyfstyle

Justin’s journey on TikTok has really made waves, his fun and engaging videos have catapulted him to fame, and that fame has led to something exciting: a gig on the TV show Dance Yo Dumo on SABC1. 

Keep up with Justin  

Instagram: @justindenobrega 
TikTok: @justindenobregaa 
YouTube: Justin de Nobrega 

Lasizwe Dambuza  

‘Babes WamaLeyvels’ is social media’s ‘It Girl’ – a character spawned from the creative mind of Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza (aka Lasizwe), who became famous by making funny YouTube videos that humorously jab at African behaviours and quirks. He’s also had his own MTV show.  


@lasizweI found my people, people that dance like me

♬ Hamba Wena by Deep London & Boohle – HOPE_RAMAFALO

Over on TikTok, he’s become a star with his dance videos filmed in various interesting places, and his loyal fans keep coming back for more. A man of many talents, in September he was crowned the winner of season 2 of the TV reality show The Perfect Picture, showcasing photography skills. 

Keep up with Lasizwe  

Instagram: @lasizwe 
TikTok: @lasizwe 
YouTube: Lasizwe Dambuza 

Wian Van Der Berg 

Abracadabra! Meet South Africa’s favourite magician. Yes, this 27-year-old is making us believe in magic all over again. He seamlessly blends walk-around, close-up enchantments with stage performances that leave you in stitches.  


@wian Wizardry 🤣🧙‍♀️ #magic @lesiba__magic #tiktoksa ♬ original sound – Wian

His spellbinding acts have racked up millions of views and his magical charisma has also cast its spell on renowned brands like Krispy Kreme and Ster-Kinekor, where he’s conjured up not just tricks but tremendous exposure as well.  

Keep up with Wian  

TikTok: @wian 
YouTube: Wian 


Text: Nozuko Tshangela
Photos: Gallo/Getty Images, supplied 

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