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6 ways to build your confidence

Elevate your confidence and stride into success with charisma and poise  

Confidence always comes up as the superpower that everyone needs to be taken seriously and, ultimately, succeed. But not everyone is born with the ‘confident’ gene – and that’s okay! We’ve put together a checklist to help you to start your confidence-building journey. (It’s not as daunting as it may seem…)  

Mind over matter  

Confidence begins with the right mindset. As impossible as that may seem, it can be learned. According to Diana Murphy, an American life and mindset coach for business owners and leaders, it’s important to develop the skill of approaching everything with self-awareness and decisiveness – even in the face of fear. “Being sure of your decisions is the last step to truly expanding the horizons of your business and social self,” she says.  

Take some time to see where you’re nervous or worried… What are you thinking? First admit to what you’re worried about. “This awareness puts you back in the driver’s seat. Think less ‘reacting to the situation’ versus ‘grounded action’ as you navigate the twists and turns… It is so fascinating to me how just admitting our own thoughts and emotions literally clears the air.”  

Practising this technique will help you to embrace challenges, learn from failures and celebrate victories. By developing a mindset that automatically transforms setbacks into stepping stones, you can build up your self-esteem.  

Take self-care seriously  

It’s about more than keeping your hair neat and looking fresh. Think of it as an act of pride. Taking the time to prepare yourself to take on the day can give you an instant confidence boost, whether that’s repeating affirmations, making a to-do list or planning your outfit ahead of time. Invest in yourself and your sanity, always wear sunscreen (it’s literally an anti-ageing hack!), get in a massage once a month and show the world your polished, confident self.  

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Boost your body, not just your ego  

When you know you’re doing something positive for your body, you naturally feel more confident wherever you go. Go to the gym or a yoga class not just for the physical benefits but for the mental boost, too. Research shows that exercise releases endorphins, the ultimate confidence potion. When exercise is paired with a good amount of sleep and a healthy diet, you’ll be flexing both your muscles and self-assurance.  

Fuel your fire with superfoods  

Leadership and mental-toughness expert Paul Lyons advocates for eating your way to confidence. “When it comes to self-esteem, considering your diet and making any necessary changes can help to reduce anxiety, boost your mood and, in turn, help you feel better about yourself and more confident. It’s all about getting the right balance of nutrients from foods that can help your mood and the way you feel.”  

For example, eating carbohydrate-rich foods makes the brain receive more serotonin – a hormone that makes you feel positive, relaxed and confident. Too much sugar or caffeine, however, can cause mood fluctuations, which can leave you feeling lethargic, irritable and anxious.  

It’s important to incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins into your diet, such as fatty fish, leafy greens, nuts and berries, which protect your heart and blood vessels and power your brain, preventing memory decline and improving your cognitive function.  

Dress up and show up  

Confidence isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle. Upgrade your wardrobe, ditch the jeans and loose tees and embrace the power of a well-fitted suit or formal dress and power heels or a classic pair of brogues. Even film heroes (and villains) opt for a cape and boots just to boost their confidence.  

Own your space  

Science has proven that having good posture and firm mannerisms can do wonders for your self-esteem and overall self-confidence. A study published in the journal NeuroRegulation illustrated that slouching compresses lung space, which can reduce your breathing capacity up to 30%. This means less oxygen getting to your brain.  

Looking at the bigger picture, straightening your posture improves the functioning of your brain, allowing you to be more present and composed. So, whether it’s in the boardroom or at a social event, claim your territory by standing up tall, pacing your breathing, making good eye contact and letting your presence be known.  

In a world that often tests your resilience and composure, these actionable strategies will turn you into the hero of your own story. So, get up, stretch it out, eat well, and master the art of a confident mindset. Soon, you’ll be turning heads and leaving a trail of confidence in your wake. 

Words by: Charlton Knight
Photo: Gallo/Getty Images 

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