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2016 vs 2021 make-up trends

Much like fashion, there are also new make-up trends and styles that come along every so often. Some are timeless, some not so much, but we’ve come a long way! Although we may look now at how we did our make up back in the day and cringe, we might find in a decade or so the future generation trying to recreate it, kind of like how young people wear nineties fashion that their parents probably wore! Every decade there has been a specific make-up look or technique that everyone did e.g the sixties make-up, inspired by model Twiggy. But, now with how fast the world is evolving, there has been a big change in make-up in just five years!


Face 2016 vs 2021

In 2016 full coverage was everything. Full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, powder, contour, bronzer, highlighter, the list goes on! The focus was mainly on powder products and a matte finish, and if done right, it would look flawless and not cakey at all! The reason why this way of make-up has changed in the last couple of years was not that it didn’t look good, but more that people were using an unnecessary amount of product. For example, instead of using one pump of foundation that would cover their whole face, they would use three. Now in 2021, even though full coverage is definitely still in, people are using far less product and are opting for a more dewy natural look, and therefore are focusing on cream products like cream bronzer and cream blush so that their skin looks more like skin and not skin with make-up. The biggest change, however, would have to be blush! In 2016 it was a step that many people would leave out, but now for many people, it’s everything!


Eyebrows 2016 vs 2021

Besides ones’ skin, eyebrows are another part of a womans’ face that can roughly tell you how old she is because eyebrows date! Think about it if someone has thinly plucked eyebrows, you may associate them with being in their youth in the 90s. For many people, it’s the most important part of their routine as it carves their face. One might have done every part of their make-up amazingly, but if they’re unsatisfied with their eyebrows, they might feel like the rest of their face didn’t even matter! In 2016 dip brows or brows filled in with an eyebrow pencil and carved out with concealer, was a big thing! Like with most 2016 make-up, if eyebrows were done well, they looked amazing, but if not they would look like blocks that did not shape the face at all, and was a total fail! Nowadays many people still do 2016 eyebrows but they do it well! However, the main eyebrow trend now is soap brows, or brows with very little product just brushed through and set with a gel. Many people already dislike soap brows, and it doesn’t suit everyone so we don’t think it will last!


Lips 2016 vs 2021

In 2016 when Kylie Lip Kits were new to the scene, liquid matte lipsticks became huge! People were ditching regular lipstick and gloss and making liquid matte lipsticks there, along with lip liners! Although it looked good and lasted a long time, it was very drying. (All liquid matte lipsticks, not just Kylie’s). It still looks great, but nowadays, people are going back to regular lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner.


Eyes (eyeshadow and eyeliner) 2016 vs 2021

2016 eye looks focused mainly on neutral matte and shimmer colours; cut creases, a lot of blending and standard black eyeliner. Whereas 2021 focuses more on creative eyeliner looks in many different colours, less eyeshadow and more eye accessories like diamantes. Like most of the 2016 make-up trends, many people still use 2016 eye looks, and there is nothing wrong with that!


Words by Fran Rattle
Photography: @ashghotcakess via Instagram 

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