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Skincare tips for seasonal allergy sufferers

We’re smack-bam in the middle of spring. And although we love the colourful blooms, the pollen in the air can wreak havoc on our hay fever and skin (hello, itchy season). Follow these handy tips to help alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies.   

Protect your nose 

Sneezing, blowing and wiping your nose constantly will cause a tender, red nose with dry skin. Not to mention the number of tissue boxes you’ll run through. Applying moisturiser will relieve dry skin and form a protective film on the skin to keep allergens out.  

Another way to protect your nose is to use an air purifier. “They’re helpful for the allergens that are suspended in the air, like pollen and pet dander,” says allergist Dr. Tania Elliot. However, keep in mind that air purifiers aren’t as effective for dust-mite allergens. 


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Read the ingredients list on the label  

It’s crucial to check skincare labels if you have skin sensitivities. If possible, avoid products with synthetic and natural fragrances; alcohol dissolves the skin’s fatty protective oil, while essential oil can make your skin even more reactive. According to the sensitive-skin skincare brand Green People, “fragrance is the number one cause of adverse skin reactions to cosmetics” – something many skincare experts agree on.  


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Hydration is key  

Up the hydration in your skincare routine, which helps your skin drain and cleanse. “I would recommend cleansing your skin thoroughly morning and evening to rid of any pollen particles on your face,” says Lucy Xu, skin specialist and founder of London Premier Laser and Skin Clinics. “Then, follow with a hydrating serum and at night use a hydrating cream or overnight mask to ensure your skin is well moisturised.”  



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Sinus pressure and airborne allergens can cause puffy and inflamed skin. Tackle inflammation head-on by putting your face masks, mists and moisturisers in the refrigerator before applying your products. It brings quick relief and can double up as a fun cooling-down skincare step during hotter months.  

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