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A 3 Day Winter Workout Routine

This 3 day strength-building winter workout routine is guaranteed to warm you up this season!


Monday: Upper Body

 Alternate Clean And Press

>  Start with one hand on the kettlebell placed between your legs. Drop your waist so you’re in the squat position. As you begin to stand up, perform an upright row and at the same time tuck your elbow in and rotate the wrist outwards so it faces up. From this position you can perform a single-arm shoulder press.

Overhead Swings

>  Much like your ordinary kettlebell swing, only this time the kettlebell  swings overhead. Be sure to lock out your arms when doing so and maintain a tight grip on the kettlebell.

Alternate Clean And Press

>  Start with a kettlebell between your legs; feet shoulder-width apart. Perform a squat while holding the kettlebell, only this time pull the kettlebell up to chest-height, raising the elbows until in line with the shoulders.


Wednesday: Lower Body 

Romanian Deadlifts

>  Feet shoulder-width apart with the kettlebell starting between your feet. Begin in the squat position, except this time straighten out your legs so they have a slight bend in them. Drive your heels into the ground, keeping your chest up. As you lock out the legs, be sure to squeeze your glutes and shoot your hips forward.

Alternating Lunges

>  Have a weight firmly up against your chest. Take a big step backwards or forwards while at the same time dropping the waist straight down till knee touches the ground. Return to standing position before alternating legs.

Alternating Curtsy Squats

>  Exactly like your lunges, except this time when you bring your leg backwards, shift it off to the opposite side past the back of the other leg. Be sure to have your torso facing forwards before dipping down.


Friday: Core 

Weighted Russian Twists

>  Have the kettlebell against the chest while balancing on your bottom. With your hands and feet off the ground, begin to rotate at the waist from side to side. Try and get the kettlebell to touch the ground on either side.

Weighted Sit-Ups

>  Lying on your back , with the weight positioned above your chest, perform a sit-up until your body is in the upright position before dropping down.

Weighted Toe-Touches

>  Lying on your back with the weight positioned above your chest, raise your legs until vertical. Hold this position and begin crunch. Try to get the weight as close to your toes as possible.


Words by Ray Toefy
Photography Pexels

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