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Local fitness influencers and trainers to follow 

Here are a few local influencers perfect for fitness inspiration. 

Getting back into the swing of exercising regularly, or even just starting, can take a lot of effort if you don’t know where to start. Luckily there are plenty local fitness influencers that are taking us along their journey! Here are a few that we’re obsessed with.

Buhle Maluleke 

If you want it straight from the expert’s mouth, then Buhle Maluleke should be on your mood board! Being a certified nutritionist, specialising in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and being a life coach – you really couldn’t get more inspiration than from her! Whether you need a guide to a new workout you’ve been wanting to try or just a little bit of cheering on, Buhle’s got your back. 


Zaakirah Khalek  

Being a talented sprinter in her school days, Zaakirah Khalek now owns Tribe Fitness Studio in Johannesburg. After falling in love with weight training, she has broken the barriers of what many women think their body can handle, simply by showing her thousands of followers the joy she has for fitness. You’ll be obsessed with her engaging content – it might even inspire you to try a few weights next time you’re in the gym!    



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Libhongolethu Geza 

If you’re a fan of Love Island, you’ve definitely seen Libhongolethu Geza. The Season 1 winner of Love Island South Africa, rugby athlete, and all-round sport enthusiast shares his fitness journey i style. You’ll get a mix of his workouts, morning runs and fashionable looks, both in and out the gym! 



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Tracey-Lee Lusty  

You can’t have true fitness without championing body positivity! Tracy, most commonly known as FITNESSGIRL, has been sharing her weight loss journey with us since 2016. She’s been open about her mental health and how her weight loss hasn’t always been linear. Not only is she an advocate for women empowerment, but a true believer that you can achieve your goals if you have the right drive. We honestly can’t get enough of her positivity and honesty!  


Redaa Dollie 

Focusing on a holistic approach to his tailored training regimes, Redaa Dollie is a personal trainer that’s redefining wellness for Gen-Z. Working at the Virgin Active Collection club in Cape Town’s swanky Silo District at the Waterfront, Redaa has built a solid client base of content creators and fans. Sculpting his own body after recognising his own unhealthy habits, his outlook is refreshing.   



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Matthew Stone 

You’ve probably seen him a few times on your TikTok For You page if you’ve seen anything about the popular Sandton fitness scene. Matthew Stone is the founder of The Social Runners and also a Puma South Africa brand ambassador. With an impressive fan base made up of the likes of Amanda Dupont, Boity Thulo and many other big names – he offers cardio, kickboxing, resistance training and boxing workouts. Recording many of his sets for his socials, he breaks down what it takes to build up your body.  



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