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Be more eco-conscious in your home BACTERRORIST

Use the BACTERRORIST® – the non-toxic all-purpose cleaner that works for almost the entire house. You can use it for sinks, toilets, ovens, stainless steel appliances, and even your windows and recycling bins.


One product for it all. It’s a proper multi-tasker. And it is completely people, planet and pocket-friendly.


It contains NO petrochemicals, NO phosphates, NO chlorine or dyes, NO artificial fragrances. How safe? But wait, there’s more:

  •       The BACTERRORIST is formulated and distributed LOCALLY.
  •       It’s VEGAN (endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty), meaning none of its ingredients have been tested on animals.
  •       It’s made from ENZYMES that work hours, even days, after application. Healthy bacteria are eating the dirt on your surfaces when you’re not even looking.
  •       It’s highly concentrated, so it works with even the toughest stains.
  •       Small amounts of enzymes can offset large amounts of conventional chemical ingredients. You’ll NEED LESS when cleaning with an enzyme cleaner.

 How to use the BACTERRORIST you ask?

The dirtier the area (or the worse the smell), the better it is to spray the BACTERRORIST onto the surface and leave it for some time, for the enzymes to do their job. It’s not necessary to rinse the surface thereafter.


To Dilute, or not Dilute?

The BACTERRORIST is highly concentrated, so it works with even the toughest stains. It can also be diluted (1:1) for the ‘not so dirty’ surfaces. Whenever diluting the BACTERRORIST, you can use warm or cold water (but not hot water which could kill off the enzymes). Once diluted, the resulting mix must be used on the same day.


Where does it work best?

Drain Openings:

Pour the undiluted solution into clogged drains. It’s best to use the product at night or over weekends to give it several hours to do its job. Enzymes aren’t fast-acting like acid-type products and they require more time to work, but are much safer to use. Don’t use conventional chemical cleaners alongside the enzymes, they’ll kill the living organisms and reduce the effectiveness of the BACTERRORIST.

Floors & Windows:

When mopping, mix half of the BACTERRORIST with warm water (not hot water) before application. You won’t need to rinse or wipe the floor thereafter, but let it air dry allowing the enzymes time to react with the bacteria. When enzymes are applied regularly, they will eliminate the source of bad odour.


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