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What is no-knife beauty?

‘No-knife’ beauty is the new face of agelessness, say medical experts. We find out what it means, and how it works. 

Both internationally and here in South Africa, the demand for plastic surgery continues to boom as people try to turn back the clock on ageing and enhance the way they look. But while it’s easy to assume that surgery is the best and most permanent solution, that’s not always the case.

According to Joburg-based anti-ageing and aesthetics specialist Dr Reza Mia, non-invasive (or ‘no-knife’) aesthetic treatments are a safer and more affordable way to enhance your features, while still delivering natural and lasting results. “We caution against anything that makes the proportions of the face look unrealistic,” he adds. Some popular procedures are chemical peels, lasers, micro needling and dermaplaning to improve the look of skin and fillers to erase wrinkles and plump up the skin.

Nevertheless, moderation is still key. Going overboard with any treatment not only tends to look fake, but can actually age your face – the opposite of what you want to achieve when signing up for an anti-ageing treatment. Doing too much lip filler, for example, can lead to puffy, unnatural looking lips that don’t taper off in the corners, creating odd proportions that have the ability to age and distort your appearance.  

“Excessive or poorly positioned fillers don’t look natural and won’t help to reverse the effects of ageing in the skin,” Dr Mia explains. “But when done correctly, you achieve two goals. One, you achieve a more youthful look, and two, you look more natural and authentic.” With this in mind, Dr Mia advises a much more holistic approach to any anti-ageing treatments so that it aligns with the skin’s natural shape and movement. “Not everyone is the same and it’s important to find a solution for each individual’s specific needs. Before we can advise on proper treatment, it is crucial to understand the patient’s desired outcome and their unique skin,” he adds. 

Less pain, ample gain  

There are many benefits to non-surgical anti-ageing cosmetic treatments. They’re non-invasive, which means that they cause minimal pain and discomfort, and patients can go home immediately after the procedure is done. These treatments have no scars, minimal recovery time, as well as a lowered risk of complications. They’re mostly semi-permanent, meaning that future treatments can be tailored to meet the needs of your skin based on its dynamic and unique processing of the initial treatment. These procedures are also less expensive than surgical options, plus there’s no general anaesthesia required because the skin isn’t cut or pulled in any way.  

“While a non-surgical cosmetic treatment likely won’t give you the same dramatic results as a surgical facelift, the gradual changes through these non-invasive procedures can be even more effective in reversing the signs of ageing,” explains Dr Mia. “Plus, when you treat the skin, you’re not cutting into the skin and removing parts to achieve the desired results. Instead, you are creating tighter, healthier, rejuvenated skin from within, for a more natural result without the scarring.” “Ultimately, by delaying or removing the need for surgery, these treatments are better for both patients and practitioners due to decreased risk factors,” he continues. “Non-surgical treatments can take time, but the results are worth the wait.” 

Achieving natural anti-ageing  

If you’re looking for a natural, holistic result, it’s best to use a combination of treatments. Ensuring that your skin can successfully fight the signs of ageing requires a blend of self-care and non-invasive medical solutions.

“First, it’s important to protect your skin by limiting your sun exposure and using sunblock,” says Dr Mia. “You should also focus on staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, exercising, managing your stress levels and avoiding smoking. But how you age greatly depends on genetics, which is why non-invasive antiageing treatments can benefit you even if you take your self-care seriously.”

You could also make use of off-the-shelf anti-ageing creams and treatments, but bear in mind that they are cosmetic and not regulated.  This means that they might not achieve all that they promise. And if you’re keen to explore the world of non-invasive beauty treatments, look for a practice that focuses on what’s best for the individual, rather than on short-term results or what’s on trend.

“What we do shouldn’t come at the expense of your overall health” says Dr Mia. “The goal is to create healthy skin and shape by using safe and non-invasive practices that will leave you looking fresh and authentically you.” 

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