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SoccerClub Terms and Conditions

Magazine subscription terms and conditions for non-account customers:

1 You have subscribed to a physical / digital magazine (“the magazine”) published or distributed by Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd (“TFG”).

2 Your TFG account will be billed monthly for the magazine until you advise us to cancel your subscription, by contacting our Customer Services department. They can be contacted at 0860 834 834. You may cancel your subscription at any time but will be billed for the magazine until we receive your cancellation request.

3 Should you not wish to be billed for the magazine when your TFG account has a zero balance, please advise us of this by contacting our Customer Services department.

4 TFG reserves the right to cease publication or distribution of the magazine at any time in our sole and absolute discretion. In such an event, we will no longer bill you for the magazine.

5 TFG reserves the right to change or cease the benefits offered in the magazine at any time.

6 TFG may change the shape and the size of the magazine at any time.

7 The price of the magazine may be adjusted annually, and you will be billed the increased price from the date that the increase becomes effective. We will give you advance notice of any such increase and the effective date thereof.

8 These terms and conditions can change from time to time and you will be bound to any new terms and conditions from the date of publication thereof in the magazine.

9 We hereby notify you that it may be necessary for certain third-party benefit providers to process your personal information to enable them to provide their services to you. By subscribing to the magazine, you agree to this.

10 TFG staff members who subscribe to the magazine are not eligible for any magazine benefits and competition prizes.

11 You are contracting with Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd, Registration number 1988/007302/07, VAT number 4210187250, situated at 340 Voortrekker Road, Parow East, Cape Town.

12 Your access link to the monthly issue of the digital magazine will be sent to you via SMS on the 15th of each month or the closest working day of the month after this, for as long as you are a subscriber to the magazine.

13 TFG cannot be held responsible if you do not receive your SMS access link for your digital magazine due to power outages, interruptions with your mobile service provider or the incorrect cellular number being provided to TFG.