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Printable activities to edutain your kids

Ditch the screen time (for a while at least) and download these free printable activities to keep them busy. From word whizzes to maths, these activities from SuperKids are so much fun, your little ones won’t even know they’re getting a brain workout. 

Great & small 

Download here.  

Oh my word 

Download here 

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What am I? 

Download here.

Take your kids to one (or more) of these brain-flexing hotspots around the country. 

Creepy crawly crossword 

Download here. 

Square eyes 


Download here. 

BONUS: There’s something preppy (and pretty small) hiding in this picture. Colour the numbered dots to see it! 

Download here.  

Take advantage of the sunny weather and take your kids to these messy hotspots for a fun, family outing.  

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