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Build the perfect home cinema with Hisense soundbars  

Hisense soundbars will level-up your viewing experience with outstanding audio immersion.  

A good soundbar offers much better audio quality than your TV’s built-in speakers, making your favourite movies, series, sports and video games sound awesome. 

Hisense’s HS3100 and HS5100 soundbars are among the brand’s most popular, thanks to these key features: 

Hisense HS3100  

The Hisense HS3100 comprises a soundbar unit and powerful 6.5-inch subwoofer – both of which use DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Digital Plus to deliver unmatched audio immersion regardless of room size, layout or acoustics. 

The soundbar delivers rich, crisp audio quality across the trebles and mids, forming the core of your audio experience, with 480W Audio Power output. 

The subwoofer, which is wireless for easier positioning, complements the soundbar by using the latest audio bass innovations for deeper and booming sounds. 

When combined, you can expect an unrivalled listening experience, where you’ll be able to hear dialogue clearly in the midst of intense action scenes. 


Hisense HS5100 

The Hisense HS5100 uses the same soundbar and subwoofer as the HS3100, as well as a pair of rear surround speakers. It delivers 540W of pure audio power, making you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. 

Both models also support Bluetooth 5.3 and have a TV mode that makes them easy to pair with Hisense televisions. 

TV mode unlocks the full potential of both your Hisense TV and soundbar across all of your favourite shows. It features the innovative EzPlay function, with a pop-up settings menu for the soundbars on your screen, allowing you to control the soundbar with your Hisense TV remote. 

This delivers added convenience – plus there’s no more working out which remote to pick up when you want to change the volume. 

Choose a Hisense soundbar 

Whether you have a Hisense TV or not, Hisense soundbars are the best way to make your viewing experience more incredible. 

Hisense soundbars are available from South Africa’s leading retailers.