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Hisense E70 Pro – Excellence at a bargain

The Hisense E70 Pro is an excellent smartphone for South Africans looking for an affordable way to access the most important smartphone features.  

Its recommended retail price is only R1 999, which is a bargain considering its robust suite of excellent features and specifications.  It boasts 8 GB of memory and 128 GB storage, both of which are unprecedented at this price point.  Other notable features include its large battery, a crisp display, and an excellent camera.  We unpack these features in more detail, below. 


The E70 Pro also has an impressive camera system for this segment, with its main 50 MP rear camera capable of taking excellent snaps. 

Whether taking close-up shots or vast landscapes, every photo will appear crisp and vibrant.   

This impressive rear camera is complemented by an 8 MP front camera that takes great selfies that will look great on your social media profile. Both cameras can record at 1080p and 30 FPS, making the E70 a great starting point for budding social-media influencers.  

A media powerhouse 

The E70 Pro has a 5 000 mAh battery that delivers all-day battery performance.  Even under heavy use, such as when playing games, watching videos, or listening to music, this impressive battery will last longer than competitors in this price range.   

This battery is also perfect for powering the Hisense E70 Pro’s stunning display, which boasts an HD+ resolution for crisp image quality.  

It also offers over 16.7 million colours, guaranteeing a vibrant viewing experience. Thanks to the E70 Pro’s impressive 8 GB memory, you can switch between many intensive apps on this display. 

The E70 Pro’s 8 GB memory combines 4 GB of dedicated RAM with an additional 4 GB of memory borrowed from the Hisense E70 Pro’s storage.  

With a total storage space of 128 GB, using 4 GB as memory is a drop in the ocean. You will still have plenty of storage space to store your favourite apps, videos, and other files. Meanwhile, you will benefit from at least double the memory of most smartphones in this segment. 

In combination, the Hisense E70 Pro’s extensive battery life, stunning display, and generous memory and storage make it the perfect media smartphone – no matter whether you want to binge Netflix or play the latest mobile games. 

E70 – The Baby Brother 

For those looking to trim their budget without sacrificing essential features, the Hisense E70 is the perfect match. Serving as the little brother of the E70 Pro, it offers affordability while maintaining crucial aspects such as a generous 4 500 mAh battery for lasting power, 64 GB of storage space for ample content storage, and a vibrant 6.6” display for immersive viewing experiences. Although it lacks the quad-camera setup of its Pro counterpart, the E70 still delivers impressive photography with its 13 MP rear camera. 

Ideal for users seeking a balance between affordability and essential smartphone functionality, the Hisense E70 presents a compelling option in the entry-range smartphone market 

Get the E70 Pro 

The E70 Pro offers unmatched value for those looking for an affordable smartphone with excellent features.