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Tech Savvy is the New Normal 

The future of tech is incredibly bright, and you don’t want to get left behind. We teach you the essentials for becoming a tech savvy professional in 2024.  

For digital natives Gen Z, embracing technology isn’t just a fun hobby – it’s a way of life. Research shows that the prospects for tech-savvy professionals have never been brighter. So, to stay afloat, you need to make sure you aren’t only keeping pace with the rapidly advancing tech frontier but also thriving in this digital era. Here’s how… 

Embrace continuous learning  

In the tech world, stagnation is the enemy. The rapid pace of technological advancements means that what’s cutting-edge today may be obsolete tomorrow. To stay ahead, make continuous learning a habit. Engage with online courses, attend webinars, and explore new technologies regularly. Platforms like GetSmarter, Unisa, and Oxbridge Academy Online offer a plethora of courses spanning various tech and IT domains. 

Explore emerging tech innovations  

Keep a lookout for emerging technological innovations that could transform the world as you know it. From AI and blockchain to augmented reality and quantum computing, understanding these trends can give you a competitive edge. Being familiar with emerging technologies positions you as a forward-thinking professional ready to embrace the future. 

Learn how to code  

Nowadays, coding is basically a superpower. Whether you’re interested in software development, data science, or AI, a fundamental understanding of coding languages like Python, Java or JavaScript is invaluable. Websites like Codecademy and Code College provide amazing resources that’ll help kickstart your coding journey. Remember, coding is not just for programmers – it’s a fundamental skill for anyone looking to navigate the digital age. 

Understand remote collaboration tools  

The workplace of the future is bound to be flexible and remote. Familiarise yourself with collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Learn the art of effective virtual communication, project management and collaborative problem-solving. Being familiar with these tools makes you an asset to your team and helps you to navigate the nuances of the modern work environment. 

Be aware of cybersecurity  

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital realm, cybersecurity becomes paramount. Understand the basics of online security, including the importance of strong passwords, two-factor authentication and recognising phishing attempts. Platforms like Cybrary and OWASP Foundation offer resources to enhance your cybersecurity knowledge. A tech-savvy professional is capable of both using technology and safeguarding it. 

Adopt a problem-solving mindset  

Technology is a powerful tool, but its true value lies in solving realworld problems. Train your mind to focus on identifying and addressing challenges through technological solutions. Whether it’s streamlining processes, improving efficiency, or enhancing user experiences, a problem-solving mindset combined with tech expertise makes you an invaluable asset to any organisation.  

The opportunities for tech-savvy professionals are vast, and by staying ahead of the curve, you’ll ensure that the future isn’t something to fear but something to eagerly embrace. The digital frontier awaits, and it’s yours to conquer. 


  • Stay organised with the help of apps that can help you streamline your days. There are tons of to-do list, calendar, and reminder apps that you can download for free on your mobile device. 
  • Make use of free automation tools that can help you automate recurring daily work tasks and free up more of your time. 
  • Be more aware of the tech devices you use. Although it’s easy to lose yourself in your gadgets, it’s crucial to take screen breaks and keep an eye on how much time you spend using them. By doing this, you can prevent headaches, eye strain, and other health problems brought on by extended screen time.


Text: Charlton Knight 
Photography: Gallo/Gettty Images 

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