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Pocket-friendly wickers that are multi-functional

Natural elements and raw materials are in – and wicker is a popular, pocket-friendly option that can be used in so many ways.  

Take it inside  

You may associate wicker furniture with outdoor areas, but it can also work wonders inside your home. The honey colour and rustic style creates a sense of contrast and interest, while giving the room a friendlier, more homely ambience. Take this feeling further by adding a wicker lamp (shown here), wall decorations (opposite) or even a basket for a potplant.  

Hanging around  

Nothing says ‘comfort’ and ‘quality leisure time’ like a hanging outdoor chair – and wicker is the perfect material for the job, being sturdy, versatile and lightweight. Add one to your patio (shown above) for the ideal afternoon reading chair that can double up as a fun form of seating for kids and lunch guests alike.   

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Bring it to the table  

Wicker chairs may get all the attention, but you’ll get just as much joy – and, of course, practical use – out of a wicker table. The woven design creates a sense of lightness, space and airiness, and you can leave it natural or paint it a colour to suit the style of your space. Standing out without stealing the show, this easy-going material is perfect for a patio or even a small, glass-covered indoor side table.  

Words by: Janna Joseph
Photographs: Bureaux, Fu Ture, Will Horner & Tommaso Riva/Are Media/Magazine Feautures 

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