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5 reasons to take a hay-cation on a farm stay

It’s our gut instinct to rush to the beach or head into the mountains when December comes round. But what about checking into a farm stay?

Whether it’s fun, downtime or connection with nature you’re after you’ll probably find it in the farmyard. Here are five reasons why… 

Travel back in time 

A farm can feel not only like another world, but a different era. When you arrive, it’s easy to feel out of sorts, estranged, and restless. There’s a kind of peacefulness and harmony that’s unfamiliar to city dwellers who are so used to rushing, appointments, traffic, deadlines. And suddenly you’re in a sea of calm. By day two, you’re regretting that you ever have to leave.  

Educate your kids  

City-raised children are less likely to understand where eggs and milk and legs of lamb come from. Watch the surprise on their faces when they’re immersed in an environment where there is no supermarket packaging disguising the reality of edible produce.  

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Taste honest food 

Lab-grown meat for human consumption is the future. If that doesn’t make you uneasy about the steadily eroding distinction between real food and artificial substitutes, perhaps it’s because it’s been so long since you tasted a farm-fresh meal. Farm food inevitably tastes better because it’s made by human hands using real ingredients.  

Unplug and unwind 

It’s remarkable how quickly your cellphone becomes an annoyance when you’re in a place with a life and energy all of its own. While plenty of farms are remote enough that you may be incapable of connecting, your best bet is to power down and appreciate being off-the-grid. Besides, there’s precious little you can do about ‘urgent’ emails when you’re knee-deep in cow manure.  

Discover authenticity 

Part of the charm of a farm stay is that they don’t fit the hotel mould. Each is an indelibly individual experience, with hospitality that’s ingrained in family tradition rather than gleaned from hotel school. It’s a refreshing change from the rehearsed mannerisms of trained staff, knowing that you’re spending time in someone’s home and being shown the sort of informal, genuine hospitality they’d extend to friends and family. 

Words by: Keith Bain

Photography: Shutterstock

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