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5 go-to skin fixes to perfect your complexion

Is your skin feeling dull and lifeless or are breakouts your main concern? We have five go-to skin fixes to perfect your complexion.


Problem: Oily

Are you more oil slick than healthy glow? You don’t have to forgo moisturising and avoid sunscreen just to keep your skin from being excessively shiny. It might sound counter-intuitive, but oil cleansers work well on greasy skin types. The oil in such a face wash attracts your skin’s sebum (oily secretion), so you can cleanse away the excess oil without stripping your face.


Problem: Pigmentation

Whether from sun worshipping in your youth or raging hormones, pigmentation is something that shows up unannounced and seems hard to banish. First things first, daily SPF application and avoiding direct sun exposure where possible are key to keeping pigmentation at bay. There are also some wonder products available that help lighten skin tone unevenness and brighten your complexion.


Problem: Sensitivity

Does your skin react to just about everything, from environmental factors like wind and sun to make-up and skin products. The best thing to do is to keep things simple, try using products that contain natural oils like Shea Butter, which are particularly soothing. Avoid anything heavily fragranced to prevent irritation. Include a high SPF that protects skin from environmental damage as well as harsh sunlight.

Problem: Breakouts

For most of us, breakouts annoyingly last well into adulthood and seem to flare up when we are not eating well or when our hormone levels are fluctuating. Help counteract them by using products that contain salicylic acid – a powerhouse ingredient that dissolves impurities and decongests pores, helping to prevent any future breakouts.

Problem: Dry/Flaky

When your skin is flaky, itchy and dry, you want a solution, fast. Soothing your dry skin isn’t just about what you lather on, but also about how you cleanse it too. Warm, but not hot. I’m talking water temperature here, never scald your skin by using hot water, this strips your body of its natural oil barrier, an important barrier in helping trap moisture.


Word: Jade Leggat-Smith |  Photography: Unsplash