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5 mistakes you make when grooming your beard

Here are 5 mistakes you might be making when grooming your beard. 

Caring for your beard could be the last thing on your agenda. However, it is important to make a statement for the right reasons as it’s the first thing people might notice about you. Avoid these 5 common mistakes when grooming your beard and unlock the full potential of your facial hair! 

1. Never brushing your beard 

Not brushing your beard is a common mistake. Many will simply run a hand over theirs and call it a day! But brushing ensures you remove any dirt or food that’s gotten stuck in your beard, allows you to keep it tidy, and trains the hairs to grow downward. We love the soft bristles and additional comb of the Fabiani Men’s Beard Comb & Brush Set 

2. Letting the hairs grow too far down your neck 

It’s all about balance. You don’t want a thick beard with a bare neck, but you also don’t want things to look unkempt and overgrown. The key to a full beard is to let it grow down to around your Adam’s apple, then imagine a slightly curved line that runs from behind your ear lobes and travels under the jaw line, just above your Adam’s apple. Trim away the hair that falls outside of these areas, and you have a perfect beard!  


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3. Shaving the moustache  

Having a full beard with no moustache is a complete no! Yes, moustaches can be a lot of maintenance on their own, but you can always trim it down. What’s important is that there is a connection between the hair around your jaw and above your lip. Neaten it up with a trim of the hair on your lip and you’ll have a cohesive beard.  

4. Not using a beard oil  

Beard oil is for both your beard and the skin underneath. It seals in the moisture that your beard might draw away from your skin, causing a scratchy face. Avoid that with a good oil such as Clarins Men Shave And Beard Oil that not only smooths down your beard but prevents irritation on the skin.  

5. Not using a shampoo 

Yes, that’s correct – you should be shampooing your beard. Your beard requires a lot of the same TLC that a head of hair does, which means making use of a beard shampoo is key. It’s important to look for beard shampoos that are sulphate-free and won’t strip your beard or skin, in turn making it dry.   


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Photography: Pexels