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The Most Important Beauty Hacks

With so much information out there in the beauty world, it’s always good to be reminded of new and forgotten ways to improve your skincare, hair and make-up routines


Clean your make-up brushes and tools
Clean brushes guarantee a super smooth make-up application every time and avoids gunky build-up, prolonging the life of your brushes and reducing the chance of breakouts and infection.


Exfoliate often
For your face, follow the instructions on your product to avoid buffing your skin too much, but don’t neglect exfoliation. Don’t forget to buff your lips often, too! On your body, buffing regularly will smooth your skin, combat ingrown hairs, help along smoother shaves or waxes, and improve your circulation.


Lovely Lips
Mix your own lip color with Vaseline. Finding the right shade can be hard and is often wasteful if you’re wearing a colour for an occasion that is achievable by mixing what you have available. This also creates a tint that’s buildable and nourishing.


Skin First 
Use oil-based formulas for oily skin. This will feel counter-intuitive, but using an oil-based product to remove make-up or excess dirt from your skin can actually improve your epidermis’ condition. Over-cleaning to strip sebum stimulates your sebaceous glands. Using oil-based products will actually trigger the production of sebum significantly less – however, do find an oil-based product that’s right for you.Use cream and gel cleaners if you have dry skin. Work the product into dry skin and only add water to loosen and rinse it off. It will leave you with much cleaner skin while using less product.


Mascara Matters 
The experts at Beauty Is My Duty say that you should never pump your mascara (in other words moving the wand up and down in the tube really quickly). This is because it will only allow air into the tube, which will then cause your mascara to dry out (and ultimately shorten its lifespan). Also, full lashes are not always necessary or suited to your eye-shape and look. Wing out the outer corners for a fluttery pop and skip the lower lashes for a more subtle and clean look. Play with what works for you.


Know your shade
If you are not confident matching your own foundation along your jawline, treat yourself to a consult at a beauty bar or counter. It is worth it to find the perfect shade in order not to short-change a great face of make-up with ill-chosen foundation.


All About Hair 
Clarifying shampoo and rinsing your hair with vinegar, apple cider vinegar or beer will clear any build-up you may have, and will even reduce your weekly washes by keeping your scalp and roots clean. In addition, flat irons are amazing tools with multiple cool uses – go straight or try creating a variety of curls by experimenting with some different clamping styles to achieve your most-desired effect. Just remember to use a good heat-protecting serum or spray on your hair beforehand. 


Apply bronzer evenly
Before applying bronzer or self-tan lotion, mix a drop or two of the solution with moisture cream and then layer your product on your prepped skin. Blend well so that there are no harsh lines. 


For Your Nails 
Remember that a top coat is quite essential! We so easily skip this step, but it will significantly extend the life of your manicure. Top coats also create a high gloss and shine to applied nail polish, giving it a smooth look and feel. 


Moisture is Key 
Moisturise your whole body at least once a day. We too often skip the bits that we don’t show publicly, but overall supple and healthy skin requires just a little more proactivity and consistency. Interested in a spa moment? Try heating up your lotion before applying it to your skin. 


Words by Stefanie Titus
Photography: Unsplash

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