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To glam or not to glam?

Do you like to experiment with your look? Or are you all about ‘less is more’? Discover your beauty persona with our quiz. 

1. How much makeup do you wear on a typical day? 

A. I don’t, but if I do I just groom my brows and pop on lip balm.
B. I focus on skincare, with a BB cream every day so I look glowy and fresh.
C. My complexion needs to be perfected, with some blusher and a nude lip.
D. I do a full face beat most days.

2. What’s your go-to for lips?  

A. Nude or clear lip balm.
B. A so pink or coral lip tint or gloss.
C. A nude, brown or mauve lip.
D. Bold red or bright pink

3. How long does your makeup routine take?  

A. Less than 5 minutes.
B. Around 10–15 minutes.
C. About 20–30 minutes.
D. Up to an hour, or more.

4. Your favourite makeup product is:  

A. Brow gel.
B. Cream highlighter.
C. Eyeshadow palettes.
D. Matte liquid lipstick.

5. How often do you contour your face?  

A. Never.
B. I prefer light draping with blusher.
C. Only for special occasions and events.
D. Every time I do my make-up

6. What about eyeshadow?  

A. A subtle swipe of a nude shade.
B. So shimmer or matte neutrals.
C. Blended earthy tones, especially bronze shades.
D. Love a bold cut crease with a pop of shimmer!

7. When it comes to your eyelashes, you prefer:  

A. Brown mascara for a natural look.
B. Lengthening mascara.
C. Wispy falsies with a coat of mascara.
D. A pair of bold falsies with several coats of mascara. Or simply just hybrid lash extensions.

8. What’s your everyday cheek look?  

A. Bare cheeks all the way!
B. A light swipe of illuminating blush powder.
C. Powder blush and bronzer.
D. The works: cream contour, bronzer, blusher and highlighter

9. How often do you try new makeup looks?  

A. Rarely.
B. I like to try out new things.
C. Oft I like to keep on trend.
D. I love experimenting with a new look.

10. Your makeup philosophy can be summed up as:  

A. “Less is more.”
B. “Glowing and natural.”
C. “Effortlessly”
D. “Face Card Never Declines!”

Mostly As

Like Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys, you love the ‘barely there’, natural aesthetic. You also prefer using eco-friendly make-up tools and always make sure your products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Mostly Bs

Hailey Bieber is your beauty bestie! Known for her model perfect skin and dewy look, you both favour the ‘glass skin’ trend and prefer your face looking healthy and hydrated as opposed to a matte look.

Mostly Cs

Just like Zendaya, you enjoy classic and contemporary looks. The ‘soft glam’ aesthetic falls into this category and you make it work every chance you get. But, you’re also not averse to a pop of colour here and there.

Mostly Ds

There’s no halfway mark with you... You’re all in and ready or you’re not leaving the house! Like rapper Megan Thee Stallion, you’re known for your signature lashes, cut creases and wearing the best nails you can come by!

Compiled by: Charndré Emma Kippie

Photography: Gallo/Getty Images

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