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Your guide to post-holiday skincare 

The holiday season can be tough on your skin. We’ve got the perfect remedies! 

Vacations can mean more time visiting sandy beaches, late nights, indulging in rich holiday treats or taking any opportunity to catch a few rays of sunshine. However, this can leave your skin dry, tired, broken out and uncomfortably sunburnt. We’ve got a guide to post-holiday skincare that will ensure your skin is refreshed.  

Wake things up 

Holidays can often feel short lived and we tend to run our days late into the night. However, too many late nights can result in your eyes feeling puffy and strained. This is where a hydrating eye patch comes in clutch!  

Pop these under your eyes for a few minutes while you catch up on those emails, then take them off for a refreshed and depuffed undereye. It’s like a shot of espresso for the face! We recommend Foschini’s All Woman Hydro Gel Eye Patches available from Bash and in selected stores.  

Get a moisture boost 

Sunburn, salty water and chlorine can be causes for dry and itchy skin. Now’s the time to rehydrate and rebuild that skin barrier! Moisturise and repair your skin with shea or coco butter-rich products that will seal and add moisture.  

Lathering up before bed and just before you head out for the day can help to keep your skin supple and smooth. We love Back2Nature’s Face Food Day Balm, available at Bash and in selected stores, for an anti-inflammatory, soothing and repairing moisture boost.  

Kick cracked lips to the curb 

Kick peeled and cracked lips to the curb! Painfully dry lips can lead to cold sores, bleeding and irritation which is no way to end off a relaxing holiday. Add some intensive moisture with an intensive-care lip balm, like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm, available at Bash and in selected stores. Repair your lip’s delicate moisture barrier for perfectly kissable lips once again! 

Put your best foot forward 

Even though we’re still revelling in sandal season, long walks on the beach can lead to cracked heels and dry feet that simply don’t fit the agenda! Regain sandal confidence by exfoliating to remove the dead skin and follow up with a hydrating moisturiser. We recommend Foschini’s All Woman Exfoliating Foot Mask with papaya fruit extract and extra hydration.  

Bye, bye blemish 

The hotter it gets, the more our skin can get clogged, oily or break out. Clear those pores with a toner that decreases oil, removes dead skin cells and decreases inflammation. It’s good to look for toners with salicylic acid which unclogs pores. We’re big fans of the Black Opal Women’s Exfoliating Toner Africa, available at Bash and in selected stores.

Photography: Pexels