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Fun Cars For First-Time Buyers

Are you ready to drop your hard-earned cash on your first car? Here are our top picks to consider for those who enjoy an engaging drive.


2012 Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLS

This little Japanese supermini played a significant role in changing the local perception of Suzuki’s automotive products. Light, efficient, mechanically robust, and thoughtfully equipped. the third-generation Suzuki Swift is tailored for the first-car buyer that enjoys getting behind the wheel. It’s easy on the pocket and also fun to drive. The Swift delivers with a rev happy 1.4 litre motor producing 70 kW a slick 5-speed manual as well as a nimble chassis. The motor seldom needs to work hard but you’d enjoy revving it out. In GLS (General Logistics Systems) specification it offers features like Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, LED day-time running lights and 16-inch alloy wheels. There are plenty of lesser-specced GL models available on the classifieds but those are still worth a look and could cost a little less.

Fun Cars For First-Time Buyers

2013 Ford Fiesta 1.4i Trend

The 6th generation Ford Fiesta was a roaring success for the Blue Oval and we managed to find the mid-range Trend model for a decent price. This era of Fiesta came as a funky replacement to the dull model before it with a sharp exterior nearly identical to the Ford Verve concept on which it’s based. The fun aesthetic translated to how it drove and for a sensible supermini, the Fiesta proves that they needn’t be dreary to drive. Sharp steering, a slick gearchange, decent levels of grip and a playful chassis balance are all accounted for. Driving dynamics aside, boot space comes in at a handy 276 L and unlike newer turbocharged engines service intervals are 20 000 km apart.

Fun Cars For First-Time Buyers


2009 Renault Twingo RS

Small, light and agile the Renault Twingo RS may be the smallest car here but it is a little firecracker to drive. Sure, 98 kW doesn’t sound like a heap of power and one shouldn’t expect anything to happen before 4 500 rpm. This is the genius of the Twingo RS it’s just like any other city car when mooching about town. It just happens to have heavily bolstered bucket seats and a tort RS-derived suspension. Variable valve timing on the inlet cam of the naturally-aspirated 1.6-litre motor, a redline of 7 000 rpm on the dash-mounted rev counter and a snappy 5-speed gearbox ensure that this little terrier needs to be pushed hard to put a smile on your dial. Weighing in at a feather-light 1 049 kg and with that well-engineered suspension, the Twingo RS has the dynamic character of a cartoon car. It is only available as a two-door four seater so practicality is not high on the priorities list. Beware of examples that haven’t been well maintained though as these cars are rare locally and mechanical parts could be very difficult to find and costly if imported.

Fun Cars For First-Time Buyers



 Photography: Courtesy Images, Unsplash


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