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Fitness Trends Taking Us Into 2022

The past two years may have been dominated by the wrath of COVID-19, but they also paved a new path for our fitness. Even with vaccinations and the hope of life getting back to a certain type of ‘normal’ on the horizon, the pandemic period ignited a change. The trends created in our times of isolation and social distancing have made a ripple effect that is now making waves in this new year. But what’s in store? Let’s dive in and see what fitness trends will be highlighting our 2022.

Virtual Training To Be Continued

2020 and 2021 may have restricted our movement, but in turn it made a lot of things accessible and available at more flexible times. Since gyms were closed, online classes saw a boom, and this turned out to be quite favourable. Therefore, even at a time when the pandemic may finally be less of a problem, virtual training continues  to be on the rise as more people enjoy the choice of exercising at their own pace and place.

Focus On Body Weight

Piggybacking on the last point, with virtual training here to stay we have to acknowledge that not everybody can afford to turn their homes into a customised gym space. However, this has emphasised using your very own body as training equipment. Not only is this effective – especially when you’re a beginner in weightlifting – it’s inexpensive and takes up no additional space. Body-weight training can also be as functional as it is convenient, and there are also ways to increase the intensity without needing extra equipment.

Mindful & Wellness Training

Being isolated or socially isolated for so long, it was really easy to start living in our heads, which isn’t the healthiest thing for our state of being. This reality caught a lot of people’s awareness, and so, an effort was made to practice movements that would not only improve the state of your body but the state of your mind. Online classes for yoga and Pilates were among the most sought-after videos and training that people turned to as it helped calm anxiety and the body.

Personal Training For The Win

Sometimes the best way to stay safe, yet gain great results is through one- on-one training. Yes, personal training will also be a big trend that continues to grow in 2022. Having a single person who is a professional will help you design and create custom workout plans, diet plans and rest periods that fit in with your personal schedule.

Expansive & Versatile Gyms

For those who feel as though they cannot concentrate or exercise at home without getting distracted or giving up altogether, worry not. Just because we may have hope of an end to the pandemic, it does not mean that there may not be another pandemic in the future. This is why gyms are now trying to expand themselves with more space and areas for mindful workouts and not just heavy equipment. We can expect meditation areas, yoga spaces and overall social distancing measures that can accommodate virtual group classes in future.

Mother Nature Becomes The Gym

Feeling like you can’t reach your full fitness potential in an enclosed space such as the gym? The great outdoors has got your back. For some, social isolation has made us feel the need to be in more natural places to add to the mindful and holistic healing that many are trying to achieve. Thus, outdoor gyms are gaining more popularity, but so are activities such as running, hiking, cycling and open-water swimming.

The Fit-Tech Rise

Technology has always played a role in making our lives more convenient, as well as somewhat lazier. However, wearable fitness tech is here to stay, to make life easier and to encourage you to not be lazy. Wearable tech like fitness trackers are more popular and in demand thanks to it reporting on everything; from how many steps you took in a day, to your heart rate and calories burnt. Such figures can help you understand where exactly you land on your fitness scale and the areas you want to work on. A 2022 rising star.

Free-Weight Training

Any weights that you can pick up and freely move, such as dumb-bells, barbells and kettlebells, are what are used in free-weight training, and the cherry on top of this list. Workout routines engaging with these portable weights are going to be a big part of fitness 2022. They can be used in bodyweight exercises, HIIT exercises and more; they are the perfect gym tool for home workouts as well, as they are super effective and take up minimal space. Something to look into for home workouts in 2022.