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3 summer beauty mistakes that are ruining your skin

Are you guilty of these summer beauty faux pas?

With so much advice from professionals and (let’s be honest) TikTok, it can be tricky to know which rules to follow and which to ditch. Keep your skin happy and glowing this summer by avoiding these three beauty mistakes. 

Mistake #1: Not applying (and reapplying) enough sunscreen 

Wearing sunscreen is the cardinal beauty rule you should never break – no matter the season. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays, so it is you’re biggest anti-ageing weapon. How often are you reapplying? If you are only applying your SPF in the morning, think again. You’ll soon see (and feel) the consequences – especially in summer.  “To avoid getting burnt, make sure to always reapply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every 60 to 90 minutes while you are out in the sun,” says dermatologist Dr Howard Sobel. 

But it goes a little deeper than just applying sunscreen, especially if you are wearing make-up. Did you know that there are two main types of sunscreen? Physical sunscreen (also called mineral sunscreen) uses minerals that sit on top of your skin and reflect the UV rays. Chemical sunscreen uses ingredients that absorb the UV rays and transform it into heat. “If you’re using a physical sunscreen, it needs to be the last thing you put on your face on top of makeup,” says dermatologist Dr Deanne Robinson. “If it’s a chemical sunscreen, it would need to be applied under your make-up,” she adds. 


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Mistake #2: Using the same cleanser in summer and winter 

Just like you switch out your wardrobe to be better suited to the sunny season, your beauty products should follow suit. Ditch the hydrating creamy cleansers for an exfoliating clay or gel-based one. Creamy cleansers are great for winter because they hydrate your dry skin. However, during summer, your skin doesn’t need that same level of hydration and needs more frequent washing and exfoliation. “Try switching to a glycolic wash, something that has a gentle exfoliant, or use an actual [physical or chemical] exfoliator on a weekly basis” says Felicia Taghizadeh, the owner of Arizona Facial Plastics. 

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Mistake #3: Double-up on hydration 

Although the humidity may tempt you to remove a layer from your beauty regimen, ditching moisturiser from your summer beauty repertoire is a big no-no. “Make sure to keep your skin hydrated, even if you feel a little oilier during the summer months,” says aesthetician Leila Aalam. Instead of an oil-based cream, opt for a water-based moisturiser instead. Additionally, keep your skin extra hydrated and plump in this sweltering heat by spritzing a hydrating face mist on your face a few times a day. You’ll look fresh and beat the heat. 


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